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Document management solutions allow companies to save their most critical resources: time and money.

How? By implementing a content visualization solution, organizations optimize their document process management and achieve operational excellence.

Let's detail the benefits of implementing a viewer and the ways document builder process saves time and money in a paperless project.

1. Automate tasks and increase process efficiency

Document visualization software can help employees work faster with instant access to information. This type of software also enables organizations to implement workflow automation that speeds up revisions and approvals while keeping business processes moving.

In addition, a document visualization system can help organizations:

  • Use intelligent search methods that support search with appropriate criteria of choice.
  • Streamline document distribution with automated workflow routing and notification improving accountability.
  • Reduce work and desktop errors with automated recognition and indexing of optical characters.
  • Better manage organizational archives from a desktop.
  • Minimize lost documents.
  • Create copies, assemble documents and distribute documents as simply and quickly as possible.
" In order to simplify work requests in-house, our customer has gone paperless and has quickly automated new requests. He manages more than 4 million documents. According to the person in charge of the information system for internal intervention requests, the new requests for work are now completed in 30 minutes instead of two hours. This increased efficiency allows the department to invest its resources in new initiatives and to explore new opportunities."


2. Improve communication between departments and within the Organization

Document viewing systems make it easy to electronically share documents with customers or colleagues, whether in the office or on the road. A advanced content viewer is:

  • Accessible remotely or online, allowing you to view and retrieve documents wherever you have access to the Internet.
  • Seamlessly integrated with your website, presenting customers with a consistent look, and securely sharing read-only documents with the public.
  • Ideal to guarantee the accessibility of any documents while guaranteeing security, keeping strict control over the documents available in the internal or external configuration of the Company
  • Accessible from virtually anywhere: web browsers - smartphones - tablets - operating systems - hardware.

"Our customer has more than 50 departments and more than 1,200 franchises. By digitizing information and automating processes, the headquarter aims to empower employees to streamline operations and improve customer services.

"We want to make processes more efficient, more automated  to guarantee a quality of service and an irreproachable customer experience

"They are now able to increase access to information for their outside representatives and their clients through online portals. They have increased process transparency to keep customers informed of their claim progress. "To grow, we have to innovate," says IT Director


3. Spend less time sorting documents 

By implementing a document visualization solution, an organization makes better use of its time :

  • Retrieve critical documents and information without employees leaving their workstations
  • Keep track of documents that need to be viewed and signed by other staff members
  • Meet customers
  • Instantly respond to internal and customer inquiries to eliminate phone reminders and reminders
  • Respond more quickly to customer queries
  • Provide quality customer service, which ultimately leads to more revenue

"One of our major customers in the industrial sector generates orders that require the cooperation of several departments on five sites. According to the operations manager, supervisors "we spent two to three hours a day manually entering data".

Supervisors now enter orders on the iPads and the information is automatically routed to the relevant departments for processing. "We are now automating processes," he said. "It increases our productivity exponentially."


4. Increase net profits by minimizing the cost of paper storage, office space, and additional recruitment

Implementing a document visualization system saves money in the long run. Organizations can save money by:

  • Eliminating storage, duplication and offsite storage recovery costs
  • Reducing the financial consequences in the case of disasters such as floods, fires or theft
  • Replacing paper storage with more workstations or other productive income generating activities

To provide access to the exchanges and contracts of their customers, with their 300 sales representatives, over the last 5 years,  the sales department has recently upgraded their manual system for commercial content management.
Proposals, contracts and exchanges are now stored in a repository easily accessible to sales representatives, thanks to the viewer.

Salespeople are now able to handle their customers' claims in 5 times less time.
Their content management solution  helps to avoid any potential problems of loss of  documents and guarantee non-alteration and the acknowledgment .



Document scanning and electronic document control enable organizations to eliminate paper storage, streamline operations, and improve communication.

The document visualization software is the tool which,  at the end of the chain,  makes it possible to completely revise the processes of visualization of the documents thus digitized.

Organizations will reap the benefits of this increased efficiency by moving resources from desktops to revenue-generating tasks.


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Post by Maxime Cifrian
April 29, 2019