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More and more companies are adopting the SaaS model for a variety of business functions because the agility and cost savings provided are crucial and offer a real competitive advantage.

Trends speak for themselves: the revenue from SaaS is increasing and will keep on doing so. In 2019, the revenue from SaaS is expected to reach $85,1 billion and according to the global statistics, it will grow constantly to reach $113,1 billion by 2021. Why is there such an massive adoption for this kind of solution? What are the benefits?

You will find in this article the 5 main reasons organization should choose a SaaS solution such as ARender in SaaS.



1 - Work from anywhere

ARender SaaS solution has always been full web software with nothing to install at client side.

Now with ARender SaaS, you do not need to install any software on servers

It improves employees the flexibility to work from any location as long as you have an Internet connection.

Today employees are increasingly mobile. They can work at home, in a hotel room, in a coffeeshop or even at the airport. Choosing ARender in SaaS offers the possibility to have easily access to applications anywhere. Everyone can complete tasks at home or elsewhere. That makes companies more global and connected and enhances collaboration.

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2 - Cost optimization

Initial costs of a cloud-based system are much lower than on-premise ones as you can have access to your software without any implementation and through your computer internet connection.
SaaS applications can bring down the budget and the time dedicated to IT spending. Investment in other areas can be done while still using the latest, fully functional and highly secure business applications.

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3 - Flexibility and scalability

In a complex context, companies can meet difficulties or grow quickly. Adopting ARender SaaS solution can support growing or fluctuating businesses easily by giving access to the services to more or less users.
So it avoids purchasing additional servers, storage or licenses.
Companies can focus on their projects and not the infrastructure.
Thanks to the flexible subscription-based licensing, SaaS applications scale easily. This agility helps businesses to be more competitive.

How does ARender SaaS simplify your viewing process?

  • Javascript API allows for custom integrations
  • No hardware
  • No versions upgrade, we do this for you

Moreover, users can constantly benefit from new features, updates and upgrades.


4 - Ease of use and speed factor

As selection and deployment of business applications are sometimes difficult, choosing a cloud-based application can make the difference.
In fact, there is no need to deal with installation and administration efforts. ARender SaaS solution gives companies the ability to speed up their business with flexibility.
Cloud-based systems are built to ensure maximum network performance and are adaptive to your needs: 

  • We tailor your SaaS to use servers better suited for documents rendition
  • Architecture is able to support several hundred visualizations per minute
  • The engine is adapted to a change in size and scalability, offering maximum scalability to keep up with the cloud


5 - Security and reliability enhancement

As data are on the cloud, companies always have a backup which is helpful in case of unexpected disasters. Companies can also rely on added security features and tolls which are available on SaaS applications. Security features are automatically upgraded and there is no need to handle with system updates manually.

The market trends show that there is a massive adoption for a SaaS solution. This kind of solution perfectly fits the organizational requirements of companies such as data security and performance.

The wealth of SaaS solution means that users have a diverse set of resources readily available to address varied demands of different users.
As a result, organizations are experiencing higher levels of employee engagement with feature-rich SaaS solutions designed for improved customer experience.


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Post by Cindy Monicat
November 18, 2019