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From increased productivity to improved collaboration, businesses of all sizes have a lot to gain from moving to Paperless. Paperless isn’t just good for the environment, it’s also more convenient than paper.

Going paperless actually makes you more productive and digital is omnipresent.

Do you work for a data-intensive business and find yourself and your team spending too much time to search for, view and process your documents?



Time is money > Productivity & Mobility

Employees can access digital files anywhere and enjoy speed business processes.

A strategic IT solution should streamline your business processes while staying flexible enough to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Streamline business owner responsibilities to simplify your tax paying responsibilities for instance. The use cases are everywhere!


Contents centralization

20% to 40% of a worker’s time is wasted searching for documents.” – Coopers & Lybrand

Keep track of information

A smart IT solution allows for complete secure content management, from creation through destruction. Documents are centralized, searchable and, automatically linked to the appropriate account.


Improved Collaborative Capabilities

When paper files are scanned and digitized, they are assigned keywords that make it easy to search for information within the file and among similar or related files. So when an employee needs to find customer or client information, the search is quick and, if it’s urgent, it can be done from any device.


Information security

Have you eliminated manual paper-based processes ?

If your organization relies on manual, paper-based processes, you unwittingly introduce the increased risk of human error: Accidentally picking up and sharing the wrong documents, allowing incorrect or private information to make its way to outside parties

Better data protection and security.

It’s hard to recover information from a piece of paper once it’s destroyed (unless you know people who work in forensic labs). But data can be recovered if your computer goes haywire. You could also store everything on the cloud and not worry about data loss ever.


Reduce Future Environmental Impact

More and more companies see the environmental, tree-saving effects of going digital wherever possible. To some, the importance of a paperless office is not only about the business and workflow advantages, but also about being considerate of the world at large and eliminating as much consumption and waste as possible



As unstructured business data continues to grow exponentially, business users need not only access to information, but a compelling user experience as well.

ARender is leading the way in helping organizations access the content they rely upon for everyday operations offering a zero-footprint rollout for everybody.


 If going paperless is a challenge for you, enjoy a 30-minutes free interview with our expert!



Post by Corto Romagny
April 15, 2019