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Uxopian Software Announces Strategic Partnership with Confidencial to Elevate Document Security

New York, 06.27.2024 – Uxopian Software, the pioneering developer behind ARender, the renowned ECM Content Viewer, is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Confidencial, a leader in advanced data-centric protection. This collaboration is set to transform and elevate how sensitive information is managed and secured within ARender, reinforcing its stance as a top-tier solution in document security. With built-in protection, security is integrated from the start, ensuring data leakage is not a concern and making security an inherent part of the document management process.

About Uxopian Software and ARender

Uxopian Software has been at the forefront of content management innovation, providing robust solutions that enhance the way enterprises interact with their digital content. ARender, Uxopian Software’s flagship product, offers seamless document viewing and management capabilities, making it an essential tool for businesses seeking efficient and scalable document handling solutions.

About Confidencial

Confidencial leads the way in data-centric security solutions, delivering automatic and intuitive protection for unstructured sensitive data throughout its entire lifecycle—from creation to sharing and storage. Distinguished by its patented selective protection technology, Confidencial offers granular control by encrypting sensitive content at the data level while keeping non-sensitive content accessible to other stakeholders, ensuring data utility is not compromised. This innovative approach positions Confidencial as an essential partner for enterprises navigating today's digitally driven and security-conscious business landscape.

The Power of Partnership

The partnership between Uxopian Software and Confidencial is driven by a shared commitment to providing unparalleled security for document management. By integrating Confidencial’s protection into ARender, the partnership aims to offer:

  • Enhanced Data Security: With advanced encryption features, ARender will provide superior protection of sensitive data, preventing unauthorized access, data leaks, and ensuring compliance with the latest security regulations.
  • Streamlined Compliance: This collaboration makes it easier for organizations to meet stringent regulatory requirements for data protection, offering peace of mind in industries where security is paramount.
  • Improved User Experience: ARender users will benefit from the same seamless and efficient content viewing experience, now with the added advantage of robust security.

Uxopian Software and Confidencial clients can regain peace of mind with enhanced security features without compromising ARender's flexibility and usability. This partnership not only fortifies ARender's security measures but also extends to helping clients effortlessly adhere to regulatory standards.

"With this partnership, ARender takes a significant step forward in document security," said [Executive Name], CEO of Uxopian Software. "Integrating Confidencial’s encryption technology allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive content viewing solution that is secure, compliant, and user-friendly."

To learn more about how ARender and Confidencial are setting new standards in document management and security, please visit ARender & Confidencial Partnership Page.

For further information, please contact: 

  • Ludwig Rauch, Head of Marketing at Uxopian Software :
  • Julie Taylor, Head of Marketing at Confidencial:

This partnership marks a significant milestone in document management solutions, offering businesses across industries the tools they need to ensure their digital content is secure in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

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Post by Ludwig RAUCH
June 27, 2024