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A Unique Content Viewing Experience for your Healthcare Solutions

Posted by Maxime Cifrian on Mar 6, 2022 5:03:00 AM

SILPC is a French public interest group offering IT support and transversal services, solutions, and expertise for healthcare institutions across France and its territories. The group offers a range of services aimed to help dematerialize healthcare operations across all lines of business, including a comprehensive digital platform dedicated to providing healthcare institutions with electronic document management and quality management for medical review processes. 

The solution is complete with ARender’s high-speed document viewer technology, embedded directly within the Dem@’TIC Santé digital platform to help strengthen the quality and efficacy of its premium healthcare services for public institutions and life sciences organizations everywhere.

A 360 Degree Healthcare Solution

Modern healthcare and life sciences organizations everywhere face challenges with quickly and effectively viewing and reviewing large, multi-paged clinical files while protecting customer data and meeting strict compliance guidelines. Slow-loading systems result in review process bottlenecks – especially when collaborating on high-volume files.

SILPC has partnered with ARender to bring new functionality to the group’s comprehensive online platform, Dem@’TIC Santé, in order to provide fast, secure access to high-priority files of any format, from directly within the SILPC online platform. The platform relies on Alfresco’s architecture as the primary document management system (DMS), enhanced with ARender’s high-speed, online content viewing technology, which seamlessly integrates to both infrastructures.

The result is a transversal and modular solution that pulls from technology partner solutions to facilitate the complete digital transformation of healthcare facilities and hospital networks across all departments. The solution includes electronic document and record management (RM) capabilities for managing patient files, medical reviews, quality control, human resources, risk management, financial processes, and more. The complementary modules aim to digitize and streamline business processes with advanced content service offerings including digital signatures, and archiving capabilities for compliant records management.

Complete with high-speed content viewing

With the integration of ARender, SILPC’s content services offering is now complete with lightning-fast document viewing at any stage of the document lifecycle. ARender provides access to even the most sensitive, high-volume files in milliseconds, regardless of file format — significantly reducing the time spent opening documents. Once the document is open, users can securely view, annotate, and collaborate to streamline review and approval workflows to accelerate medical review processes. 

While the Alfresco DMS provides a standard viewer, ARender offers a unique viewing experience complete with advanced collaboration features and security to streamline content workflows for healthcare professionals. The solution supports any type of file format, and lets you compare different document versions, redact sensitive information, manipulate or collaborate on files in real-time, all while ensuring complete content integrity.

The Success Story: Hospitals of Marseille

Les Hôpitaux de Marseille, or the Hospitals of Marseille, forms one of the largest hospital networks in all of France. The group chose to integrate SILP’s web-based healthcare solution as part of its digital transformation journey. ARender teamed up with SILPC to provide a content solution for over 14,000 users at Hôpitaux de Marseille.

The first stages of the project, mandated by strict compliance regulations, included the complete overhaul and digitization of financial processes, along with securing and managing sensitive corporate and clinical files. The solution streamlines patient records management, complete with ARender’s content viewing technology for fast viewing and secure collaboration on any online content and records.

The Hospitals of Marseille have since seen a dramatic improvement in business process efficiency and management of healthcare workflows, all while maintaining continuous compliance. 

ARender: The Missing Link for Healthcare System Integrators Everywhere

Whether for patient records management, clinical trial processes, compliance management, or general document management for healthcare organizations, online healthcare solutions and applications are only complete with the integration of fast content viewing technology. IT integrators specializing in healthcare and life sciences like SILPC rely on ARender’s high-speed content viewing technology to provide a more complete offering to healthcare professionals everywhere, for the competitive edge they need in an increasingly saturated, digital market.


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