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Tuesday, May 21st at ARender 5th Annual User Group at the Cercle National des Armées.

ARender has gathered its customers and partners, always more numerous, to discuss their strategy, their current use of the solution, and how to improve the customer/supplier relation.

It was also the occasion for ARender to communicate his vision, his novelties, his roadmap. 

Nine years ago, ARender was created.

ARender, Software Publisher of the famous Viewer html5, is a Business Unit of ARONDOR and a member of the NEURONES group. The team and its ecosystem of around twenty partners continue to grow.

9 years of experience have allowed the teams - Product Development, Support, Sales, Partners - to reach maturity.

More than ever, the management of ARender wanted to place this User Group ARender 2019 under the sign of innovation and the will to always keep its promises.



Three major areas of development in 2019

  • Internationalization: beyond Europe - its favorite terrain - ARender is spreading on two other continents with the opening of a sales office in the United States and a technical support center in Tunis.

  • Openness: towards EDM systems, Content Management Solutions, all modern platforms like EDM, DAM, CCM, BPM, CRM, ERP, HR, eDiscovery, 

  • Strengthening partnerships with Software Publishers, Integrators, Cloud Providers that generate new document process requirements and new disruptive electronic document management processes.

The use of a viewer goes much further than a simple viewer


"The use of a viewer goes much further than a simple viewer - one of our objectives is to understand business issues to better serve them"


What makes ARender document viewer so strong is its ability to support the functional projects of its clients:

  • With ARondor - ESN integrator, an expert in the field of document management and related technologies (dematerialization, GED, workflow, collaboration, archiving, RPA and desktop publishing), and specialized in the integration of solutions.

  • With its complementary solutions - Feather - Fast2 - or Flower for example that allows completing a project with powerful features in terms of security.

  • With its  Software publishers partnersAlfresco, M-Files, Nuxeo, DXC, Salesforce (...) and cloud-based SaaS solution publishers.

  • With its Integrators partners (Atos, Capgemini, CGI ...) with a good understanding of business issues around documents.




What makes the technical superiority of ARender viewer


"Technically, our customers and partners made the right choices.
This User Group is an opportunity to reaffirm what makes the technical superiority of ARender on the other viewers of the market.
But it's also an opportunity to communicate good practices around new features. "


Technical opening and collaborative features facilitate the work of users

It is first to cover all technical needs in a Electronic DocumentManagement (EDM) but not only. The ARender universal content viewer, offers connectors to the EDM systems of the market such as Alfresco, Filenet, Documentum.

ARender now integrates with all types of content repositories.

Today the viewer makes it possible to visualize and collaborate around contents resulting from ERP, CRM, BPM engine or others like SalesForce, Pega, Liferay, Sage, JD Edwards, etc ...

It also allows you to view and collaborate around contents repository, multimedia, like Nuxeo for example.

Arender document viewer provides a Unique Content Viewing eXPerience for all modern platforms and add collaborative review via annotation, role-based automatic redaction. Wherever you have documents, you may need ARender.

ARender makes it possible to visualize, collaborate, work on documents whatever their sources, their location to bring uniformity, productivity gain and fluid experience to the users. That is why it is powerfull in SaaS environments.





Adaptation to the needs of SaaS

The EDM market is evolving and needs to adapt to the needs of SaaS in particular by:

  • Offering high availability services

  • Meeting the security needs of the business and the organization

  • Being closer to business needs with adapted features such as masking, text comparison, auditing ...

  • Providing value to end users and facilitate the manipulation, comparison, and annotation of documents.



An architecture to go further in progress in terms of Robustness and Productivity


  • The Architecture is now based on Micro-services. 
  • Streaming and optimization of loading times

  • Reduce waiting times for users

  • Saves bandwidth needed for loads

  • Scalable architecture 



To conclude

The feedback from its users is always an opportunity for ARender to better understand the use made of its solution, issues, but also new ideas and new business practices to continue to improve its solution.

Two workshops - one on masking and anonymizing data , the other on document building- have allowed user groups gathered around the Bank - Insurance - Media - Life Sciences - Health, to exchange between peers and to go back to their use cases and their expectations.


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Post by Maxime Cifrian
June 26, 2019