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In an age where information is created faster and in more ways than ever before, properly managing that information is a critical challenge for every enterprise. Organizations need to carefully file and govern all types of structured and unstructured information — which is why enterprise content management (ECM) systems like IBM FileNet have become essential for the success of any organization. 

But of what use is a powerful content management solution if you can’t access the content it processes or stores? What if lengthy download times and incompatible file formats didn’t have to be a constant headache, meaning you could get even more out of your ECM investment?

By enhancing your existing FileNet ECM solution with an integrated content viewer solution, your ECM system will go from standard to high-performer overnight. This blog outlines the major benefits that a high-speed content viewer can offer organizations already using IBM FileNet for ECM.

Build Customer Confidence

No matter what industry you may serve, confidential or sensitive enterprise content can quickly become a liability for organizations managing customer information. Companies are required to ensure their customers’ sensitive data remains protected and that compliance rules and regulations are respected at all times. This is a significant challenge faced by all industries working with ECM solutions to process and manage client data — especially given the introduction of recent privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Customers need to know that their personally identifiable information (PII) remains secure when sharing sensitive information via contracts or for businesses working with vendors or partners, just as business leaders seek to protect corporate information exchanged internally and managed by staff. Adopting a content viewer solution with built-in security features, including content redaction capabilities, can help strengthen compliance and enforce information privacy for staff, suppliers, and customers alike. All parties will rest assured that their information is treated with care, building trust and ultimately strengthening business relations. 

Ensure Regulatory Compliance 

Using a secure content viewer that sits on top of your existing ECM repository can help save valuable time and cut added costs associated with managing compliance and privacy configurations on each independent system.  

Not to mention, meeting strict compliance guidelines and regulations can require hefty, time-consuming IT overhead and often includes even more time-draining damage control if the proper precautions aren’t taken upstream. Centralizing control over all corporate information and compliance regulations eliminates the need for regular, manual maintenance or oversight, ultimately increasing efficiency in all lines of business.

Improve Collaboration

Being able to safely, securely, and quickly collaborate on documents with a diverse array of third parties can be challenging when using conventional document-sharing systems, such as email. Even if the third party can open the file, collaborating in real-time with these external stakeholders and maintaining a single source of truth for any file can be a challenge.

Moving towards a more comprehensive document management system complete with document viewer software allows users to easily view, share, comment, and modify the content of any format, from any device, in real-time. Because a web-based document viewer handles all interaction through a standard web browser, it’s simple to invite third parties to collaborate on documents without fielding IT support questions and without sacrificing the integrity of the underlying file.

Work From Anywhere

Perhaps the most valuable benefit a web-based document viewer delivers is the ability to provide fast, secure access to any information in real time.

Whether sitting in the head office on a powerful desktop or working from home on a laptop or tablet, users can access content in any format, from anywhere, in a matter of seconds. Web-based content viewers like ARender allow users to view and work on over 300 file types, including PDF, TIFF, MS Office, and even complex drawings, without needing specialized software or hardware.

A document viewer can alleviate some of the pain and delay associated with handling the vast array of documents needed for successful document review processes without the need for any installation or bulky downloads.

The Insurance Use Case

When it comes to Insurance claims processing, time is of the essence. Dealing with large or complex, unstructured content formats like forms or claimant portfolio information, assessors need to be able to view these different document types quickly if they want to ensure application completeness, satisfy customer expectations and ultimately improve client retention. 

Adopting a more complete solution—one that reaches beyond the standard FileNet ECM system—can help eliminate the barriers between insurance organizations and a smooth claims review process. Any system that can integrate neatly with viewing software can help to improve customer retention by accelerating response times and helping assessors avoid errors.

Third-party Collaboration

Rather than stalling file reviews by forcing assessors to download the document in its native application, the document viewer streams the file as an image, rendering the document within seconds without requiring specialized software or additional applications. Users can access and collaborate on complex file formats from any device and share documents with third parties without requiring them to download or open the file on their hardware.


Using this same mechanism, a content viewer can automatically redact the document’s sensitive information or confidential elements—such as the claimant’s personal information—based on individual user permissions. For example, if a claimant transmits a medical document containing sensitive information that will then be shared with an expert, redaction can guarantee the anonymity of the insured individual. Plus, because the viewer never downloads the original document to the user’s device, the file cannot be shared or viewed without authorization.

By allowing fast access to virtually any format an assessor could need, providing complete audit trails, and enabling streamlined collaboration with colleagues and third parties across the globe, an ECM solution enhanced with content viewing technology helps accelerate claims review lifecycles for an improved customer experience.

Towards a More Comprehensive ECM Solution

With employees located around the globe and the use of personal devices on the rise, fast, secure access to content is more essential than ever. Adopting a competent ECM solution is only part of the battle when it comes to protecting intellectual property and ensuring ongoing compliance while working with third-party stakeholders. 

Adopting a solution complete with a high-speed web-based content viewer technology like ARender allows for a convenient document viewing experience while ensuring that document security and integrity are never compromised. By deploying ARender on top of an existing ECM system, insurance companies — and organizations from any industry can accelerate review processes, minimize downtime, and ultimately win more customers.

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Post by ARender
October 10, 2022