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In this series of blog posts dedicated to helping you, deciders, key users, IT managers, to precisely reckon the ROI of an advanced document viewer such as ARender, we detail what are your expected benefits and potential ROI.

Today when calculating ARender ROI, we focus on two benefits : 

  • Quickly view all case documents in a single interface
  • A unified and accurate view of any document, regardless of their format

Quickly view all case documents in a single interface

ARender can display not only single-documents but a whole set of documents.

ECM folders, BPM cases, all filed or attached documents can be displayed within a single user interface, with major benefits such as:

  • Displaying multiple documents is asynchronous and streamed ; the first document is displayed as soon as possible, then the following ones are displayed as it comes. The user does not need to wait for all documents to be opened and displayed to start working on them.
  • Each user can easily jump from document to document with the help of thumbnail preview. And because all the documents of the folder/case are already opened by ARender, the jump is immediate. This does change from the legacy paradigm of “open the first attachment, read it, close, open the next one, proceed…”.
  • A user can search text patterns within his set of opened documents, just as he would do using his ECM platform, except that within ARender the results are directly displayed within the document content.


Estimating the time saved to users by such a mechanism mostly depends on the very nature of cases or folders the users need to access.

Cases with a large set of documents will greatly benefit from the streaming and asynchronous loading of this set, whereas cases with a small set of documents will more benefit from fast jumping from document to document.

Studies on various use-cases have revealed 10% to 20% productivity gains by switching from single-document opening to case-based document opening.

Quickly view all documents in the folder in a single interface: watch video



A unified and accurate view of any document, regardless of their format

This Benefit is an extent of "Quickly view all case documents in a single interface”.

When incoming documents to be processed originate from various sources, especially e-mail, attachments often come of various formats. And users struggle to handle all these file formats with various thick or lightweight applications, downloading the file on their device, augmenting loading time, rising potential security leaks of confidential documents…

This struggle can be resolved with the help of a universal, web-based document viewer such as ARender.

The best illustration of this capacity is as simple as this:

Consider an incoming e-mail with a couple of attachment files, one of which is a zip file containing Word documents stored in the zip sub-folders.

How much time a seasoned user would take to proceed in the following steps:

  • The user receives this mail with any mail client or his favorite ECM frontend
  • He discovers that this mail has various attachments, and downloads them one at a time
  • He may need to unzip the file to access its contents, or just open the zipped content directly. One at a time. Browsing the zip file, for each content
    • Open Microsoft Word
    • Read the content
    • Close the file

Within ARender, all the content of the mail is directly displayed to the user, including attachments, zip contents, regardless of the format.


One way to quantify this benefit is to figure out, using any Document Format Cartography tooling, what the ratio is between simple document contents (PDF, image), single document contents (Office, Video), and composite (Mails, Zips, Archives).

ROI Blog x Tab X

If any ratio of no-”single and standard” is above 10%, the struggle to open these complex, composite documents is real enough to evaluate the time spared to the user by switching to an advanced viewer.


Download the guide: The ROI of Using the ARender Document Viewer

Download the guide


Multiple document viewing in a single ARender® window is a key feature


Initially designed for hierarchical documents (mail and zip), this feature has been extended to fit the emerging need of case-oriented document viewing.

This structured viewing within ARender® is entirely configurable, adapting to any hierarchical display scenario.
For example, a business-specific application can provide ARender® as the complex layout of documents to present to the user.
This structure can be dynamically and asynchronously resolved by ARender; therefore, performance is not an issue when opening a large number of documents.

Multiple document viewing usage can take several forms:

  • Flat-mode multiple documents viewing: a document search result from an ECM system can be directly presented to ARender, the user can easily browse within document results
  • Folder viewing: when a user wishes to visualize a whole folder, all documents and sub-folders are presented. Documents which share the same property

The asynchronous and dynamic nature of structure fetching within ARender® allows a simple yet powerful way to build up a complex layout for presenting the document and its siblings in a hierarchical pattern, without hurting performance or responsiveness of the platform.



Post by François Barre
August 30, 2019