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Through the development of specific connectors, the two companies Alfresco and ARender, have already combined their global content management offers, since 2015.

Now, the two companies are going further by announcing the public release of ARender SaaS connector for Alfresco Technology.


"This technological partnership is a complementary advantage to our offer. Its objective is to accelerate the digital transformation of companies by providing them with standard and open solutions. This is not about competition between Arondor and Alfresco's other integration partners, but about collaboration within an ecosystem whose common objective is to bring complementary value to companies," said Maxime Orain, director of key account markets in the industrial and services sectors at Alfresco.


"ARender  for Alfresco"?

The ARender SaaS connector offers all Alfresco users the possibility to quickly and easily use ARender in their existing Alfresco instances.

By default, it offers an evaluation period that can be extended later to full use as part of our own SaaS offer.



ARender SaaS offers the Alfresco users community the opportunity to experience easier, more direct ways to use ARender document viewer in a transparent way.

Document delivery, ARender services, all this is happening in the Cloud.





How does ARender SaaS work?

ARender SaaS connector operates using an APIKey (generated during registration) on our own SaaS infrastructure and download the documents you want to view on this platform.

Once the document is fully downloaded, ARender can be used without restrictions.

The document will be cached for one hour after the first access before it disappears from our SaaS.

ARender SaaS connector is based on the same techniques as our own Cloud approach:

  • Clustering,
  • Self-scalability
  • deployment of services,
  • REST APIs,
  • Advanced keep annotations from one consultation to the next.





There will be no difference between ARender SaaS connector and complete ARender installation. Performance and quality are ensured by our expertise in the installation of our product.





Do I need to install something to run ARender SaaS connector?

ARender SaaS connector is very simple; two plugins are provided once you have registered online and you simply upload them to your Alfresco installation (one for Share and one for Alfresco).




This can be an Alfresco test, an Alfresco demonstration, as long as your trial period is valid, feel free to test ARender SaaS connector!

We invite you to think if you want to take the step of migrating part of your EDM services - in particular, viewing, with ARender - to the Cloud! 


Update of two articles published on October 15, 2018, and on February 9, 2019, on the ARondor Technical Blog


Post by Maxime Veron
November 20, 2019