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Posted by Maxime Cifrian on Oct 6, 2020 3:00:00 AM


Have you ever wondered why you are using a powerful content management solution that gives you problems accessing the content it processes? Have you had those moments of frustration trying to complete tasks when necessary information is too slow to download?

The rapid progress of information technology has led to a multiplication of document management solutions which has in turn led to a multiplication of document formats being produced. Although the user now has freedom of choice with a broad range of media and nature of documents, this process reduces productivity. The centralization of information is a key concept in content management for organizations. The ideal solution for federating great user experience is a single solution that groups all the employees and customers’ activity in one place, rather than having several solutions requiring the user to switch from one to the other. This is the worst enemy of user adherence.

Focus on accessing any content from any solution in a quick and customized manner

The best solution on the market is ARender, which focuses on accessing any content from any solution in a quick and customized manner. It can be easily embedded in line with SaaS solutions’ rules and processes, and speeds up users’ collaboration and tasks.
Access to information in Document Management Solutions is materialized by the document viewing space within the solution. It is the document viewer’s job to display the nature and content of electronic documents, but a simple viewer does not read all the document formats.

This provides numerous problems for companies trying to provide effective working conditions for their employees, as Users will have to download the content and open it in its native application. The User needs to exit the solution and enter a third-party solution to continue the process, creating frustration and delays. At the department level, these lost minutes result in low profitability and slow processes that are difficult to complete.


ARender solves this problem by using an architecture that uses the concept of “rendition”

ARender solves this problem by using an architecture that uses the concept of “rendition” to transform a document into a format that can be read at speed immediately from any workstation and network, in offices or remotely. It enables several hundred people to look at documents at once. Major companies have the duty to not only deliver documents to all their users, but also to people outside the company within heterogeneous workstations and networks.

ARender’s quick rendition enables companies and organizations to provide their users with the necessary documents from clients in a secure and safe way. The rendition of these documents is completely accurate; the only thing that changes is the original document is not transmitted to the user. This has the advantage in that the document is completely secure against being copied as the original document has not been transmitted.


The performance of a solution is evaluated as soon as it is installed.

Users have nothing to worry about with ARender, for it is a 100% web-based solution accessible from any browser and from any document solution it integrates with. One of the features our users need most is high content display speed which can be translated as a quick process time of documents. ARender displays documents in less than 250 milliseconds by using document streaming technology.

Users do not have to worry about who has accessed and read or downloaded the document either. ARender can identify confidential content, hide a part of a document that should not be read by others through the special masking feature, and can grant access to redacted content. Users also have the possibility of deciding who can download and print sensitive documents.

Great user experience is therefore the key to providing clients with high quality service, and performing SaaS software.


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