ARender document viewer integration for Health Services with SILPC

Posted by Maxime Cifrian on Jun 24, 2019 10:01:50 AM

Provide a unique content viewing eXPerience to your Health Services with ARender and SILPC.

ARender is part of the SILPC digital platform dedicated to healthcare institutions, providing solutions when it comes to work on displayed content.

The ARender viewing piece is embedded within the SILPC digitization platform and strengthens its national positioning providing premium healthcare services to government institutions.

The SILPC, a public interest group (GIP), is aim to provide since thirty years the top IT support in the field of health by offering services, tools, expertise for hospitals, retirement homes, and all health facilities.

In recent years the SILPC has been open to public authorities and state agencies.

Providing End-to-End valuable assistance.

ARender joined dem@'TIC Santé 

Facing with problematic related to the integration of Alfresco among its members and wishing to increase its responsiveness, the SILPC turned to Arondor. The Software Publisher and System Integrator with a global expertise in the field of Content management and related technologies: 

  • Digitization,
  • Electronic Document Management (EDM),
  • workflow,
  • collaboration,
  • RM,
  • RPA and desktop publishing.

The particular interest was ARender, the content viewing tool allows to view all types of documents quickly, on any device and with many possibilities for collaboration.

ARender has therefore been chosen to be part to the dem@TIC Health platform proposed by the SILPC.


Content Services, Electronic RM & Accelerate Business Processes.

This transversal and modular integration platform is composed of different product, allowing to facilitate the digital transformation of health facilities and GHT (Hospitals territory consortium): patient files, finances, human resources, risk management, etc.

 "With these complementary modules for digitization (NF 42-026), process management - BPM and Content Services with digital signature & archiving providing legal evidence", Dem@'TIC Health optimizes the management of all types of documents and business processes.

It provides with a cross-cutting and global vision, while ensuring great interoperability with IT environments of healthcare institutions.

The complete features and ARender ease of integration made naturally the difference for this product to be added to this catalog.


A modular offer

The Marseille Hospitals, forming one of the largest hospital complex in France, selected the SILPC offering for the deployment of a complete digital transformation.

The first stages of the project, supported by regulatory obligations, are financial process management and private file management.

The analysis is underway for patient record management.

The entire dem@'TIC Health platform is used for this project, in which it plays a role of content organizer without time wasted compared to the business software already used by various healthcare institutions.

On the Human Ressources part, Arondor worked with SILPC to produce a module to build and create pay voucher archive from agents’ files, while meeting the criteria defined by the Department of Finance.

For Document Management, dem@TIC Santé uses a Content Services Leader (Alfresco) where ARender has been used to show and review the entire platform content for the whole GHT 13.




New opportunities

Thanks to ARender, the SILPC Content Services now allows the opening of a document at any stage of its validation process with various collaborative options (for instance comments through many annotations capabilities with permissions) according to the digital rights assigned to each user category.

If the Alfresco solution already include a standard viewer, ARender provide a unique reviewing eXPerience to add more Health context to the content.

ARender supports any type of format (PDF, MS Office, Zip, mail, tiff, images, video, etc.) and allows to manipulate PDF (cutting, recomposition) to add rights, annotations and to collaborate on the same document in real time.

It is even possible to compare different versions of a document, to hide certain parts if necessary (sensitive data)etc.

"We did succeed with the Marseille Hospitals because we provide ultra-fast opening of every content, including for very large files" points out Maxime Cifrian, Products Business Unit Director at Arondor.

ARender relies on SILPC solutions to conquer the French healthcare agencies IT heart to make the daily work of health professionals easier in this critical sector in a context of increased digitization.


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