How the performance of SaaS based applications can impact business

Posted by François Barre on Nov 16, 2020 3:00:00 AM

Today, all teams in companies and organizations are surrounded by SaaS applications on all sides and customers are more reliant on these solutions than ever before.

Performance - load, speed, reliability - are now a vital determinant of business, but without easy and fast access, what is the point of a power content management solution (CMS, DMS, BPM)?


SaaS performance issues

SaaS performance issues occur much more often than one would think, and it is therefore vital to have the best viewing software available on the market to limit employee frustration and less efficient turnarounds.

When applications are slow and frequent, they can erode software investments and cause an entire revenue and productivity engine to crawl at a snail’s pace.

Indeed, the multiplication of document formats being used in centralized information systems has contributed to weakened productivity.

Users may have freedom of choice which has broadened the range of the nature of documents, but this has in turn led to a multiplication of document formats which require users to switch between formats.

This can be tedious and unproductive for employees and increase the risk of cybersecurity breaches.

For these reasons, it is vitally important to have a powerful viewing solution like ARender.

Content displaying is at the heart of Enterprise Content Management Solutions and is the key to easy access of an organization’s content and data.

ARender’s innovative software technology provides first class performance in viewing documents quickly and securely. Its double label of Software Publisher/System Integrator brings significant experience in understanding the needs of users, thus going that much further than conventional software in the context of SaaS applications.


A powerful viewing solution


ARender uses an architecture that is unique on the market in that it uses the concept of “rendition” to transform a document into a format that can be read immediately, thus enabling several hundred people to look at documents simultaenously.

It seamlessly integrates with all content management solutions for ease of use and cost effectiveness.

The performance of a software solution is evaluated as soon as it is installed. When ARender is installed on a user’s workstation, it is a 100% web-based solution that is accessible from any browser and from any document solution it integrates with.

A quick content display means a quick process, and ARender displays documents in less than 250 milliseconds – one of the fastest viewers available on the market today.

To be able to do this, ARender uses state-of-the-art document streaming technology to display content at split second speed and avoids the need to exit the Document Management Solution to open the content in its native application.

Read all document formats from anywhere

Another useful aspect of ARender technology is the ability to read all document formats. It enables users to easily browse favorite client shared repositories before the selection of a specific document that needs to be consulted.

Client plugins can push the document to the ARender Cloud which is easy and secure and provides clear visualisation. There are other multiple benefits which make ARender a market leader.

With most organisations that use SaaS being obliged to monitor application performance themselves, it is the role of Software Publishers to meet those requirements with integrity and transparency.

The challenge is that performance can vary widely across end user locations and content must traverse a complex path of geography-specific variables before employees can visualise them.

This impacts the experience of end users. In addition, with breaches in cyber-security both internally and externally during the viewing of documents, the protection of information that needs to be viewed must be top class.

 ARender Viewer software has a wealth of proven features with over 650,000 users and 150 references from leading international companies in the company’s portfolio.

ARender’s streaming and performance meets the latest criteria that organizations require in complex networks, and its ease of use makes it one of the best SaaS software viewing products on the market today.

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