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Posted by Maxime Cifrian on Sep 23, 2020 10:00:00 AM


Giving viewers the best visual quality possible via the web is absolutely essential for SaaS software providers. If that quality is not there in an instant, the viewer will lose interest within seconds. That is why it is so important to pay attention to the architecture of networks, connections and delivery mechanisms which make the critical difference between optimum viewing and a bad stream.

Giving viewers the best visual quality possible via the web is absolutely essential for SaaS software providers.

How can one overcome the various obstacles that stand in the way? Generally, it is a question of getting the right software architecture that addresses not only slow network connection which prevents media delivery, disrupts reliability and creates slow viewer connection speeds, but which also provides security against increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks.
Finding that right partner can be a difficult task, so it is important to look at what is available on the market and settle for a company that has a 100% great track record and delivers the highest quality to a global audience.

It is best to consider which software partners well with ECM applications such as Flower, Alfresco, Documentum, ITB (ex Filenet), Nuxeo, and Sharepoint, etc. When a document needs to be consulted multiple times per second, it is necessary to have software that can adapt to enormous amounts and workloads; that offers a maximum scalability to meet the needs of the Cloud. In addition, storing documents in the Cloud incurs enormous hidden costs.

When taking all these factors into account, the ideal software that ticks all the boxes is ARender - a leading SaaS software provided by Arondor. Indeed, the advantages of ARender software have meant that it is a valuable partner and is included in the AppExchange of the SalesForce, one of the global players in CRM and SaaS.

Why complete a SaaS application with ARender Document viewer?

ARender limits the use of the network while fluidifying usage, thus realising enormous economies of scale. It incorporates connectors that bypass the problems of storage and visualisation, and thus facilitates the research of the document and where it is stored, its indexation and visualisation. So when a company needs to consult a document multiple times per second, with multiple users logging on to the system at the same time, this is crucial.

Quickly see documents

Indeed, ARender provides first class performance in viewing documents securely and quickly. It has been specifically designed to provide speedy performance and goes much further than conventional software in the context of SAAS applications. It uses an architecture that is unique on the market in that it uses the concept of “rendition” to transform a document into a format that can be read at speed immediately. It enables several hundred people to look at documents at once. Major companies have the duty to not only deliver documents to all their users but also to people outside the company within heterogeneous workstations and networks.

Securely view documents

ARender’s quick rendition enables companies and organizations to provide their users with the necessary documents from clients in a secure and safe way. The rendition of these documents is completely accurate; the only thing that changes is the original document is not transmitted to the user. This has the advantage in that the document is completely secure against being copied as the original document has not been transmitted. In this way the traceability of the document and the people who receive it can be controlled. This great feature offers full security to companies which need to control the visualisation of documents, but above all, it avoids the dissemination of sensitive information.

Not only does ARender provide the latest state-of-the-art rendition of documents, but it also shows which pages have been read, downloaded, printed and sent on to another person. It is a HTML 5 Viewer which means that any document can be seen from any search engine and from any workstation. Viewers are not subjected to any technological rupture between web applications and can see associated documents wherever they are stored, no matter their size. Thus, more than 300 types of documents can be seen through ARender software, be it pdf, office, images, videos, etc.


Delivering an outstanding viewer experience with end-to-end reliability is what everyone is searching for, so why look further when ARender delivers your vital information at a hundredth of a millisecond?


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