Why is outstanding viewing user experience so important?

Posted by Ludwig RAUCH on Sep 25, 2020 3:00:00 AM

Creating great Viewer experience and comfort while Users are working on documents and videos is of paramount importance for company reputation and brand. It is the key to winning business and helping clients create profit and win new business.
If a client or an employee is having problems downloading heavy documents or the bandwidth keeps being interrupted, the work will take twice as long to achieve and create frustration. This will ultimately effect an organisation’s reputation and overall performance.

Understanding how they want to consume content and engage with information is a key component in providing good quality service.


Federating great viewer experience

It is therefore crucial to think both strategically and more holistically about each interaction with your audience.

Indeed, federating great user experience is vital to ensuring streamlined operations right the way through the software chain.
Creating quality content regardless of the origin of the document, whether it is CSP, ERP or CRM or any SaaS or built-in application is crucial to good business ethics and service.

Today, companies and organisations must deliver documents and information to all their users through different networks.
The ARender software offers outstanding Viewer experience because its architecture has been specifically designed to give ultimate performance for all users. Thanks to ARender’s fast rendition of documents which is of a hundredth of a millisecond (instantaneous), multiple users on one network can work on multiple documents at once. In addition, ARender’s innovative architecture meets full client expectations and provides total security in that it can trace the diffusion of any document and can stop any unauthorized copying of the original document. Any download, printing and reading of pages can be traced immediately. This offers companies full confidentiality in the treatment of sensitive information which ties in with all the current EU rules concerning cybersecurity.


Fast and accurate search and location of documents

SaaS software architecture has to contend with rapidly changing criteria around the Cloud. With companies increasingly storing data via this virtual server, boundaries are being pushed further. The ARender software incorporates engines that support over 20 consultations a second. These engines can adapt to whatever load and increase is required, thus offering the client a maximum of software scalability to meet any needs concerning the Cloud.

Other criteria that users need is the fast and accurate search and location of documents, and their indexation when storing them. To be able to do this efficiently requires a series of Connectors, otherwise known as CSP “a” and CSP “b” series. ARender has developed special connectors which can be tailor-made to clients’ specifications, which are incorporated in the ARender software. Users will be pleased to know that these ARender connectors have been developed for CSP applications Alfresco, OpenText Documentum, IBM (ex Filenet), Nuxeo, Sharepoint, etc. Other applications can integrate Service Now and SalesForce.

Viewers will find great advantages using ARender. For example, in the Cloud the use of documents is very expensive due to storage and visualisation as the network infrastructure needs to be controlled for a document to be made available. ARender comes into its own as a performing software because it limits the use of the network by fluidifying its use. This enables fantastic economies of scale and is unique on the market.

Depending in which market sector the Client is operating in, viewing requirements can change. Some viewers may need to make new pdf files from existing documents for example. ARender can generate accurate pdf’s through the rendition feature for re-storage in whichever document management system is available. In this case, it is the ‘non disposable’ pdf that would enter into the document management system.

Viewers can also work fast and effectively with ARender when editing videos. With increasingly complex formats, ARender can meet user expectations through the accurate and fast annotation of video streaming.

By generating incredible user viewing experience, ARender provides its clients in many different sectors with assured high-quality software which contributes to the accurate and secure viewing of reports, documents, data and information at ultimate speeds. ARender has thus succeeded in changing the life of its users as they go about their daily tasks.


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