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Have you ever felt frustrated when trying to provide great user experience for clients and employees? Finding the right software technology that is innovative and provides first class performance in viewing documents quickly and securely can be somewhat overwhelming at times. Federating good content regardless of the origin of the document, whether it is ECM, ERP, CRM or any SaaS or built-in application, contributes to creating great client service and overall reputation.

With digital transformation progressing in leaps and bounds, users now expect instant access and high-speed performance of content in a secure environment. ARender fits the bill with its innovative software features that provide high speed performance and go much further than conventional software in the context of SAAS applications.


Streamlined features

Users will find that ARender incorporates geometric annotations (rectangle, arrow, underlined text, etc) and displays the first page of a document in less than two seconds, thus providing extremely fast access to network agencies with a low bandwidth. Other streamlined features include standardizing the document format as Pdf from the Arender download option, managing security issues and integrating specific information into the system. It can open any type of document, accommodates over 300 image formats, and fits perfectly to any type of screen, from a mobile phone to the largest computer screens for a better user experience.


Concept of Rendition

ARender uses the concept of “rendition” to transform a document into a format that can be read at speed immediately. It enables several hundred people to look at documents at once. Its quick rendition enables users to work quickly and at ease from wherever they may be based. Being a 100% web software application, ARender is accessible from any browser and from any document solution it integrates with. Documents are display in less than 250 milliseconds.

When a user needs to consult a document multiple times per second it is necessary to have software that can adapt to enormous amounts and workload; that can offer a maximum scalability to meet the needs of the Cloud at reasonable cost. Storing documents in the Cloud induces high costs for companies. Finding performing SaaS software that produces good content is crucial.


Connectors that bypass the problems of storage and visualisation

ARender incorporates connectors that bypass the problems of storage and visualisation, and thus facilitates the research of the document and where it is stored, its indexation, and visualisation. ARender’s connectors have been developed for the following GED applications: Alfresco, Documentum, ITB (ex Filenet), Nuxeo, Sharepoint, etc. There is even the possibility of building customised connectors for clients’ own purposes.


Limits the use of the network

Enormous economies of scale can be achieved through this performing software as it limits the use of the network while fluidifying usage. Indeed, the advantages of ARender have meant that it is a valuable partner and included in the AppExchange of the world-renowned Cloud software company SalesForce.


Users can be confident that ARender meets their expectations as the product has been specifically designed for their needs. Much research has been completed behind the scenes to design this software with the end user in mind, be it for the client or for employees within organisations. Depending on the type of client and requirement, ARender can be adapted to specific cases where there is a heavy increase in demand and can offer maximum scalability to meet the “rendez-vous” in the Cloud.


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Post by Ludwig RAUCH
October 13, 2020