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Maintaining strong security is crucial for organizations when it comes to managing documents and sensitive corporate information. But with modern organizations operating several different systems or repositories at once–from Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions to Records Management (RM) systems to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications–implementing adequate security measures and information governance is no easy feat.

According to AIIM, 52% of organizations have three or more ECM or Document Management systems, and 22% have five or more systems in operation. This means department managers must configure and oversee user permissions and governance rules for multiple platforms individually, on top of their daily management tasks. 

Adopting a web-based universal content viewer enables organizations to consolidate security requirements into one centralized viewing solution. Administrators can define specific rules for each user that will apply to any system they may be working on, saving managers valuable time to focus on core business while maintaining tight user security. 

Build Customer Confidence

The sensitive nature of corporate content can quickly become a liability for organizations managing customer information. Organizations are required to ensure their customers’ sensitive data remains protected and that compliance rules and regulations are respected at all times. This is a significant challenge faced by industries working with ECM solutions to process and manage client data — especially given the introduction of recent privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. 

Customers need to know that their personally identifiable information (PII) and confidential corporate content remains secure when working with vendors or partners, just as business leaders seek to protect corporate information exchanged internally and managed by staff. Adopting a content viewer solution with built-in security features, including content redaction capabilities, can help strengthen compliance and enforce information privacy for staff, suppliers, and customers alike. All parties will rest assured that their information is treated with care, building trust and ultimately strengthening business relations.  

Ensure Regulatory Compliance 

Using a secure content viewer that sits on top of your existing ECM repository can help save valuable time and cut added costs associated with managing compliance and privacy configurations on each independent system.  

Not to mention, meeting strict compliance guidelines and regulations like GDPR and CCPA can require hefty, time-consuming IT overhead and often includes even more time-draining damage control if the proper precautions aren’t taken upstream. Centralizing control over all corporate information and compliance regulations eliminates the need for regular, manual maintenance or oversight, ultimately increasing efficiency in all lines of business.

Maintain Content Integrity

When dealing with sensitive corporate information such as financial data, legal data, or contracts, ensuring the validity and accuracy of that data is critical. Organizations need to be able to trace all changes made to any document or record and assure the consistency of data throughout the entire document lifecycle. 

With a web-based content viewer, the underlying file remains unchanged throughout its lifecycle. For example, one user may see a redacted version of a contract based on his/her personal viewing permissions, while another user may see a watermarked version of that same contract. In both instances, the underlying document is preserved in its original state. Any annotations or content redaction is overlaid on the original file, so the integrity of that data is maintained at all times. Plus, these annotations can be easily tracked with detailed audit trails and user activity reports. 

Boost productivity

ECM systems automatically maintain audit trails. These detailed logs record how much time a user spends on a specific type of document, what types of files users are accessing, and how quickly content is displayed. Graphical representations of these reports help provide fast-access visuals that can help business leaders draw intelligent conclusions on how their employees use and access information, which can help boost productivity company-wide. 


Adopting a web-based content viewing solution is a cost-effective and straightforward way to maintain security and compliance within your organization, saving valuable time and ensuring all content conforms to regulations. It will also give you and your customers the added confidence to share information openly thanks to configurable user viewing rights and advanced redaction features, all while protecting the integrity of sensitive corporate data.  

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Post by Corto Romagny
April 28, 2021