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Content Services that involve document processes can integrate several types of technological solutions.

The combination of different platforms - applications - content services components, enable organizations to realize the benefits of each technology solution. 

Let's focus on how document viewing allows to shift to content services and enhance paperless processes.


Ultimately, ECM and Content Services seek to achieve the same goals, but each takes a different approach.

While an Enterprise Content Management is specialized in archiving - protecting - routing information, a Content Service Application is specialized in managing and processing specific data within a business process.

Whether your organization uses the Content Services approach to improve operations or swears by a centralization philosophy, it can gain an interesting perspective by considering each of these methodologies.

Anyway, the Arender viewer streamlines workflows and increase productivity regardless of the chosen option.


Here are three examples of how these software integrations can increase efficiency in several areas.

Contract Management:

Easily extract contact information from a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system - assemble information from different documents into a proposal - associate a quotation - offering the customer the online signature using a digital signature tool.

Human Resources Management :

Quickly access all employee information from a single interface by integrating an ECM system with a viewer and integrate them into the HR automation software.

Accounting and Finance :

Easily generate invoices using a viewer to extract information from emails, PDFs or paper documents and route them to an accounting application.

In each of these cases, a viewer speeds up your consolidation or validation processes by submitting complete applications and consolidating various documents for review, approval, and proposal.


Combining information and functionalities of different systems saves time and money and generate sustainable operational and competitive advantages.

In other words, a good content strategy will help to implement Business Process Automation that is an organizational strategy that transforms manual processes into automated processes.
Implementing digital process automation and customer engagement technologies is a powerful way to reduce costs for organizations

A good analogy is that a manual business process is like printing an invoice, linking it to a purchase order, and sending it to the office for approval. The task requires many long and laborious steps. Plus, it can be difficult to follow.

In contrast, an automated business process can:

  • Automatically associate an incoming invoice with a purchase order in the system.
  • Forward all necessary information to the appropriate approvers.
  • Warn the right people at the right time.

This is a transparent activity that requires little thought once the workflow is set up.

Business process automation is about saving resources for the organization, such as money, time, and people. Eliminating manual processes can reduce paperwork, save employee time and help organizations be more efficient.

An advanced document viewer provides effective solutions to streamline internal processes, allowing organizations to focus on delivering operational excellence and great customer experience.

We have many examples of companies which have enhanced and speed their workflows like insurance claims processing - financial transactions - mortgage documents - invoices - shipping manifests - patient records.


Thanks to its pure HTML5 technology and multi-environment support, Arender viewer allows to :

  • Access files through one universal User Interface supporting hundreds of different formats : PDF - TIFF - MS Office - DWG - AFP - MOV, and more, without needing to open other applications.
  • View - annotate - redact files - collaborate - text search - extract - split -  merge - compare documents.
  • Works on desktops as well as tablets and smartphones, giving users access on the go.


Looking for paperless document processes? 
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Post by Maxime Cifrian
April 26, 2019