How ARender document viewer provides new perspectives in SaaS environments

Posted by Cindy Monicat on Nov 28, 2019 2:00:00 AM

 How ARender document viewer expands the services and provides new perspectives to document and training center users in a top word-class bank

Our customer testimonial : Our documentary database is used by two departments - the Training Center and the Documentation Center for the internal provision of information-. It offers a large number of resources of all types.


The genesis of ARender project

Originally the Document Centre was based upon a documentary database that mixed document management software and an ECM image database.

The usual way of sending pieces of information was to send records with some metadata and a link to the document that opened in Adobe as a .pdf file.

We first migrated the database.

We decided to maintain the existing structure by simply upgrading the documentary software.

We called on ARondor for its knowledge of Electronic Document Management and our existing system.

We have studied the replacement of our ECM image database. The solution based on Arender + Flower was chosen because we highlighted four distinctive and decisive advantages with this solution.



With ARender, no need to install software on the workstations.

As our working environments are very diverse, this advantage has been crucial for the deployment of our thousands of user workstations.

With ARender, we did not need to install any software on the workstations.



The speed at which large documents are displayed and opened.

Our database consists of very large documents, reference documents - analyses - studies, of 200 to 1000 pages that opened very slowly or did not open at all with Adobe.

ARender now allows us to display and open very large documents in a few milliseconds.



Control the distribution of the content we send to our users.

Before ARender disseminating and sending documents in.pdf format allowed everyone to store and resend highly sensitive documents, including customers.
It is this increased possibility of control that has made it possible to obtain consensus on the project and to have it validated by all management.

ARender now allows you to configure the features that are available on the Viewer and manage the different user profiles.
It is possible to control the distribution of sensitive documents.



Manage access rights and broadcasting rights.

Managing access rights was a request from the management team...

We have chosen to keep the possibility of downloading, only for researchers and documentation teams, and to hide this feature for other users, in order to prevent the redistribution of documents.

Although we have restricted the rights of some users, this project was a success because we were able to make good communication and educational efforts to convince users to limit downloads.
The productivity gains linked to the speed of document processing also explain the users' support for this new solution.



ARender In the future

We have new ideas for improvement in the future. We are expanding the services we provide to our users and offering them new services and new perspectives:

  • The possibility to preview documents.

  • The use of an advanced search panel: users and researchers require the ability to perform complex searches on large documents.

  • The use of reporting tools to monitor the volume of display and use of sent documents.

  • The redesign of our information portal.


Our information portal provided free access to the daily or specialized press in.pdf format.
This encouraged the uncontrolled redistribution of documents and the release of documents outside the company.

The new portal will provide a more seamless user experience while controlling access rights and document usage.


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