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Reduce time spent waiting for a document to open is generally the highest productivity gain and the easiest to estimate.

Measure the average document loading time for your current ECM system : chances are it will be between 2s and 8s, depending on the document format, complexity, network topology, repository performances.

When calculating ARender ROI, one of the determining factor is the ROI by reducing the time spent opening a document.

Surveys at multiple ARender clients have given an average document loading time of 560ms. This is, on average, 5s waiting time spared to the user of each document opened.
Opening 1 million documents annually means a total saved time of 5 million seconds, nearly 58 days, which costs a bit more than 17,361 €.

Alain LE BRAS, President of Arondor, is committed to the strategic and operational follow-up of his clients to meet the challenges of digital transformation.

He talks about the document reader Arender, its history and progress.

Here is an extract of its interview : "A fabulous French innovation" presented by Marc WOLFF. (AEROW) in AEROW TALK & CAST :


"How does ARender achieve such a fast single-document loading time ?
Streaming !"

The idea came 9 years ago. At that time, we identified a real technological breakthrough in managing document processes. On one hand we had completely web-based documentary systems, on the other hand the viewing management software was installed on the workstation. This was a problem for our customers who wanted to control the whole of the production chain.

The second concern at that time was that document viewing could be very slow when dealing with very large documents or networks with insufficient bandwidth. Today, we continue to encounter this problem in some companies.

We then developed an HTML5 Viewer. That is mean, you can view a document from any browser and from any device. And that can be done without any plug-in, without having anything to install on the client.

There is no longer a technological breakthrough between web applications and the ability to view the documents associated with them, whatever their size and whatever the device used.

More than 300 types of documents can be viewed through Arender: pdf, office, image, video, pdf.
The ability to provide customers with an instant access for very large documents provides competitive advantage in document processing services.
While the response time of other viewers is at best in order of few seconds, we display the first pages in few hundred milliseconds.

This results from Arender's own architecture: as soon as we click on the document we start to visualize it.


This is the notion of "rendition".

The "rendition" is the term that indicates that the document is transformed into a format that can be viewed with a speed that is unique in the market.

Large groups must deliver documents to all their users but also to the outside with heterogeneous positions and heterogeneous networks. With this extremely fast rendering capability, large groups have been able to make their customers' documents available to their users.

The rendition to these documents is completely faithful but the original document is not transmitted. This has another advantage: it fully secures the document against counterfeiting since it no longer delivers the original document. As a result, the distribution of the document can be traced, preventing the download of the original document. This provides security for companies that need to control the visualization of documents and especially avoid the dissemination of these documents there.

It is possible to trace the reading of pages, downloading, printing."

Reduce the time spent waiting for a document to be opened: watch video

ROI video Streaming



"A fabulous French innovation"

Gradually new features have arrived.

The particularity of Arender is that innovation comes from our customers. Our customers are very active: they have raised the need for document cutting, comparison, rich annotation .... We go beyond visualization very clearly.

Our annual user clubs also have a special feature: it is an opportunity to question our French and American customers. The imagination, the constraints are our customers, this is the key to the success of Arender. We always have tomorrow in mind and our competitors follow our roadmap.

This is how version 4 further reinforced Arender's position.


Download the guide: The ROI of Using the ARender Document Viewer

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Post by Alain Le Bras
November 23, 2020