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Today, all organizations are accustomed to using SaaS applications to manage and streamline a number of business processes, and customers are more reliant on these solutions than ever before.

Application performance including document load time, speed, and reliability is a vital determinant of business success in the modern-day business world, but even the most powerful enterprise content management (ECM) solution can’t be exploited to its full potential if users don’t have fast, easy access to content.

SaaS performance issues

SaaS performance issues occur more often than one would think. Therefore, it is vital to have the best viewing software available on the market to limit employee frustration and less efficient turnarounds.

When applications are frequently slow, they can erode software investments and cause an entire revenue and productivity engine to crawl at a snail's pace.

The variety of different document types and formats only continues to increase with the introduction of new technologies and applications, and storing, sharing, and collaborating on these large file types from ECM systems only contributes to weakened productivity.

Modern users are accustomed to working between many different systems, broadening the range of documents , and forcing them to switch applications in order to open documents in their native format — which can be both a tedious and unproductive process. Consistently switching between these formats can also increase the risk of cybersecurity breaches.

Instead, organizations can implement a web-based content viewing solution to prevent productivity loss and annual profit losses as a result. Universal content viewers like ARender use streaming technology to display any content stored within your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, providing easy, quick access to all types of files while removing the need to download or open the file in its native application.

A powerful viewing solution


ARender uses a unique architecture to solve a common problem through a concept known as rendition. Rendition enables documents to be transformed into a readable format almost immediately, allowing users to collaborate on the same document simultaneously and in real-time.

Installing ARender on a user's workstation gives them access to a 100% web-based solution accessible from any browser and that integrates directly with ECM and CRM solutions for fast, reliable access to content, even in a remote work setting.

Fast access to content means faster business processes. ARender’s web-based content viewing solution displays documents in less than 250 milliseconds – one of the fastest viewers available on the market today.

The solution uses state-of-the-art document streaming technology to display content at split-second speeds while avoiding the need to view the document in its native application.

Access any document format, from anywhere

It's rare that we only need to work with one document format, and opening different programs to view each one takes a substantial amount of time. With a universal content viewer, users can easily browse client-shared repositories before selecting the specific documents they need to consult. 

Plugins can push each document to the ARender cloud, securing the content while providing clear visualization for end users. 

Organizations often need to monitor SaaS application performance themselves, placing the responsibility on Software Publishers to meet those requirements with integrity and transparency. A challenge commonly faced is that performance can vary based on end-user location, with content subject to a complex path of geography-specific variables before employees can visualize the document. This leads to a slowed and inefficient end-user experience, which ultimately impacts business processes and employee satisfaction. 

Both internal and external security breaches become a more significant issue when documents are regularly transported across systems. Even a minor breach can prove detrimental to organizations; thus, protecting this information must be prioritized. 

High-Performing Solutions = High-Performing Business Processes

Even the most robust SaaS services are not immune to performance degradations. In a competitive environment where every customer experience matters, organizations must be proactive about validating performance levels for their systems and applications, and continuously identifying critical opportunities for optimization. Using a web-based content viewing solution can provide the needed functionality to help your organization cut down on SaaS costs and increase internal productivity through efficient document retrieval, fast content viewing, and effective collaboration.

To find out more about how to achieve greater efficiency with intelligent, high-speed document viewing, visit our website here.

Post by François Barre
November 3, 2021