Calculate the ROI of accurate traceability in any business decision

In this series of blog posts dedicated to helping you, deciders, key users, IT managers, to precisely reckon the ROI of an advanced document viewer such as ARender, we detail what are your expected benefits and potential ROI.

Today in our ARender ROI calculation, we focus on calculating ROI of accurate traceability in any business decision.

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ARender ROI calculation - 4 key metrics to estimate

It comes as a piece of evidence that nowadays IT architectures are much easier to operate than what they used to be in a recent past and bring much more value to their users, mostly because each user has embraced digitization in each and every task of her daily routine.

But the undoubtedly value brought by IT does not spare us from studying the real, accountable return on investment that each piece of software can attain. There are 4 key business metrics you need to put figures in ARender ROI calculation.

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Calculating ARender ROI : benefits from quickly displaying documents

In this series of blog posts dedicated to helping you, deciders, key users, IT managers, to precisely reckon the ROI of an advanced document viewer such as ARender, we detail what are your expected benefits and potential ROI.

Today when calculating ARender ROI, we focus on two benefits : 

  • Quickly view all case documents in a single interface
  • A unified and accurate view of any document, regardless of their format

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How ARender increase ROI by reducing the time spent opening a document

Reduce time spent waiting for a document to open is generally the highest productivity gain and the easiest to estimate.

Measure the average document loading time for your current ECM system : chances are it will be between 2s and 8s, depending on the document format, complexity, network topology, repository performances.

When calculating ARender ROI, one of the determining factor is the ROI by reducing the time spent opening a document.

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ARender document viewer integration in Trial Interactive

Arondor has announced a long term strategic partnership with TransPerfect Life Sciences, a leading provider of services and technologies, to support global product development for the life sciences industry,

The partnership enables the integration of ARender, our high speed, streaming viewing and annotation software into release 9.2 of Trial Interactive,

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Arender document viewer user group 2019

Tuesday, May 21st at ARender 5th Annual User Group at the Cercle National des Armées.

ARender has gathered its customers and partners, always more numerous, to discuss their strategy, their current use of the solution, and how to improve the customer/supplier relation.

It was also the occasion for ARender to communicate his vision, his novelties, his roadmap. 

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When ARender document viewer becomes a key part of a DMS platform

Healthcare customers are using new models of digital technology to deliver new solutions.

With global experiences across multiple industries, established expertise and a next-generation healthcare technology focus, ARender helps delivering innovation.

Healthcare customers needed a partner who could come in and fill the technical gap they were currently experiencing, and they valued a partner who would question the old way of doing things.


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Why integrating ARender document viewer in

ARender document viewer provides a Unique Content Viewing eXPerience in all modern platforms: BPM, ECM, CRM, ERP.

In this use case, learn how Salesforce manages the work and integrates ARender document viewer pages into its own pages.


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ARender document viewer integration for Health Services with SILPC

Provide a unique content viewing eXPerience to your Health Services with ARender and SILPC.

ARender is part of the SILPC digital platform dedicated to healthcare institutions, providing solutions when it comes to work on displayed content.

The ARender viewing piece is embedded within the SILPC digitization platform and strengthens its national positioning providing premium healthcare services to government institutions.

The SILPC, a public interest group (GIP), is aim to provide since thirty years the top IT support in the field of health by offering services, tools, expertise for hospitals, retirement homes, and all health facilities.

In recent years the SILPC has been open to public authorities and state agencies.

Providing End-to-End valuable assistance.

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Why a partnership with Arender document viewer?

In a complex environment where competition is very fierce and the ever-changing markets make companies adapt as quickly as possible, strategic partnership may be a wise choice to face issues and to gain new market shares. In fact, "two heads are better than one".

 In this article, you will understand how partnerships can have a positive impact on your business :

  • By knowing its own strengths and weaknesses to choose a partnership which can bring you opportunities and a common goal
  • By overseeing and choosing the type of the partnership
  • By giving an added-value on your offering to meet accurately the customer's needs
  • By developing expertises and encouraging innovation
  • By becoming stronger in your markets and having a better visibility and notoriety

In a globalisation context, you can't work alone. Each company has its own assets and its own core business. But it also has its own weaknesses. Becoming partner with another company which can gives you a real added-value and address shortcomings, is strategic as you reach the same goal.

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