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We welcome Alain LE BRAS, President of Arondor, who is committed to the strategic and operational follow-up of his clients to facilitate the challenges of digital transformation.

Today he explains why ARender has embraced the advantages of SaaS.

He talks about the new challenges that an advanced viewer must address  and the advantages of SaaS model.

Move faster in the context of SaaS applications.

Architectures must be able to support several hundred views per minute.
- Waiting is no longer an option for users.

A customer needs to support 20 consultations per second.
- This requires an engine that can speed, offering maximum scalability to keep up with the cloud.

"Rendition" is the term that indicates when a document is transformed into a format that can be viewed with a single viewer.
- Viewing multiple formats in a single document - with a single viewer - has become a competitive advantage.

Large groups must deliver documents to their users, but also outside within heterogeneous workstations and networks.
- Thanks to this ultra fast rendering capability, corporations are able to load very large documents to their users.

The rendition of these documents is totally accurate but the original document is not transmitted.


Ensure better control over the distribution of documents.

The rendition capability has another advantage: it fully protects the document against counterfeiting since it no longer issues the original document.
- As a result, the distribution of the document can be traced, preventing the original document from being downloaded.

This ensures security for companies that need to control the visualization of documents and especially to avoid the distribution and the dissemination of these documents on site.
- It is possible to track page reading, downloading, printing.


Connecting connectors to enhance your applications.

The manufacture of connectors for applications can be divided into two main families.

1 - Connectors for GED applications

First of all, GED Systems have evolved relatively slowly over the last 20 years.
What makes the difference between two GED is the set of technologies that allow you to view the document, index the document and search it.

This changes are being made in three main areas:

  • Research: with the appearance of new engines - elastic search or noSQL base
  • Indexing: with Artificial Intelligence
  • Visualization: with ARender connectors

ARender has developed connectors for the main EDM applications such as: Alfresco, Documentum, IBM (formerly Filenet), Nuxeo, Sharepoint,..........
Recently, we have also announced an ARender SaaS connector for Alfresco. 

Some of our customers have toolkits to manufacture their own connectors.


2 - Connectors for Business applications

Those types of Business Applications - e.g: Service Now - SalesForce ... consume a large quantity of documents.

Why do these actors limit the use of documents?

Because in the Cloud, the use of documents is expensive.
- It is expensive in terms of storage and especially in terms of visualization.

They need to control their network infrastructure to make the document available.

ARender is disruptive in this case because it allows to limit the use of the network while making it easier to use;
- It allows to save the bandwith, and offer scalability.

Arender is in the SalesForce AppExchange and helps to address this challenge.



Modern viewers change the lives of users and provide them with new facilities.

On the administrators' side, they allow them to make substantial savings by saving the bandwidth of their networks.

They facilitate the deployment of complex applications and allow multiple formats to be viewed in a single document.

Even if users already have a favorite application (SalesForce for example), they can add additional features by using easy-to-plug connectors.

Presented by Marc WOLFF. (AEROW) in AEROW TALK & CAST

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ARender SaaS
Post by Alain Le Bras
November 7, 2019