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In this series of blog posts dedicated to helping you, deciders, key users, IT managers, to precisely reckon the ROI of an advanced document viewer such as ARender, we detail what are your expected benefits and potential ROI.

Today we focus on ROI of business case completeness with two benefits:

  • Improve content quality - case completeness

  • Reduce time spent identifying differences between documents and versions



Improve content quality - case completeness


The more Case Processing is unified and identified, the more constraints are inserted in the processing, for the sake of compliance and performance. The major constraint inserted is completeness controls during the validation steps.

Mortgage management, Insurance Claims, a wild variety of key business processes including semi or fully automated completeness checks.

The most common form of completeness controls is document type checking.

For a given process, at a given validation step, the system verifies that the case contains:

  • A valid customer ID card
  • A valid contract number

All these documents have been digitized, scanned from snail mail or sent via email, in various formats, not necessarily correctly identified in the ECM system.

What happens if the system blocks the process because it is lacking document type B ? The document content is here, merged with another content, but it does not fall into the expected categories.

Users need to send it back to the Capture teams (losing precious days of response time), or download them locally to split the document contents manually, re-upload and make the business process happy, losing his own time in the interval.

That’s where ARender’s DocumentBuilder comes at play.

With an easy-to-use User Interface, based on drag-and-drop and graphic display of the source documents, the users can easily reshape the whole case depending on their needs or their requirements. The newly produced contents, made up of redistribution of incoming document pages, can be saved back directly into the ECM system, with a single click of the user.

Document content traceability is preserved by the ECM version control features because the newly created content is inserted back as a new version (or a new document, upon configuration).

With tight integration with the Business Application, this feature can really facilitate the life of users, saving them long hours of daunting work, and reduce the whole case processing time because all these operations are performed in a single interface, by a single user.

ARender® includes a powerful feature named DocumentBuilder, which enables the user to manipulate documents in order to create new ones, by a simple drag-and-drop on the thumbs or thumbnails of the documents.

Different use cases can be achieved with this feature:

  • Correct erroneously captured documents: when digitized documents issued from a single envelope are incorrectly split, the user can easily re-dispatch the pages in several documents
  • Extract a bunch of pages from confidential documents: if the user wishes to send part of a document to a third-party, he can easily create a new document containing only the pages he wishes to send
  • Merge multiple documents in a single one: when the user wishes to build a comprehensive synthesis of multiple documents by merging together some pages from multiple documents.

 Improve the quality of content - completeness of cases: watch video

ROI video Doc Builder



Reduce time spent identifying differences between documents and versions


Document Comparison helps improve accuracy when reviewing critical documents by ensuring no change goes unnoticed, all while reducing the time-consuming task of manually comparing documents.

The ARender comparison feature offers an “all visual” approach that facilitates the case processing time.

Document Compare allows users to compare two different text documents to each other side-by-side in a split screen and navigate through the highlighted differences. It helps improve accuracy when reviewing critical documents by ensuring no change goes unnoticed, all while reducing the time-consuming task of manually comparing documents,

When utilizing the Document Compare, the user is able to see the differences between the two documents displayed page-by-page in the sidebar, as well as click on a specific difference to scroll directly to where that text is located on the page.

ARender® includes a powerful tool that allows users to display different versions of a document side by side.

  • The original documents could be of a different format. Compare a PDF with original MS Word.
  • ARender automatically compares the documents:
  • Words and Sections in the document on the left that were removed from the document on the right are highlighted in red.
  • Words and Sections in the document on the right that were not in the document on the left are highlighted in green.
  • Words and Sections that are slightly different between the two documents are highlighted in orange.

Reduce the time spent identifying differences between documents: watch video

ROI video Compare



Download the guide: The ROI of Using the ARender Document Viewer

Download the guide


Post by François Barre
September 11, 2019