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With digital transformation taking a giant step towards Cloud based applications and software, companies and organisations need to keep up with a fast-changing sector where clients and employees are at the receiving end of digital content.


Fast and accurate viewing of multiple documents on any serve

Easing the workload when federating quality documents is crucial in meeting deadlines and defining good work ethics. By providing Viewing software that is fast, accurate and secure, companies can ultimately increase business and their reputation. Users working on content via the internet need to work comfortably and with ease, so having software that creates great documents at fast speeds is a critical element for business.

One of the most performing Viewing software products out on the market today that offers fast and accurate viewing of multiple documents on any server, is ARender. This is a powerful viewing solution that integrates seamlessly with all Content Management Solutions. It is a time and cost-effective product that is simple to use and incorporates many innovative features. The performance of a solution is evaluated as soon as it is installed. With ARender, the issue is quickly solved.

One of the most important features is its capacity to provide accurate and fast rendition of documents. There is nothing more frustrating than having to wait for a document to be downloaded, and faulty connections. ARender bypasses this problem with its specific architecture that is designed to give instant access to information which can be read at speed immediately. Indeed, viewing a document at a hundredth of a millisecond beats all the records. Several hundred people can look at documents at once across networks. ARender can be partnered with well-known ECM applications like Alfresco, OpenText, Documentum, IBM(ex Filenet), Nuxeo, Sharepoint, etc, via specially designed connectors that can also be custom designed to client specifications.


Federating better user experience is crucial to generating new business.

The instantaneous access to documents has meant that ARender has become a leader in its field. When large companies deliver documents to all their users, internally and externally with different networks and workstations, speed and accuracy contributes to a company’s reputation.

Federating great user experience is crucial to generating new business. ARender’s quick rendition enables companies and organizations to provide their users with the necessary documents from clients in a secure and safe way. It is a 100% web-based solution accessible from any browser and from any document solution it integrates with. Documents are display in less than 250 milliseconds.

Security of documents is also highly important in this age of increasing cyber criminality. Technology that protects documents from inside security leaks can be a tricky business. ARender has also been specifically designed to provide full security for companies when viewing documents. It provides high speed performance and goes much further than conventional software in the context of SAAS applications. It is protected by special API keys which are generated for clients using their registration and special encryption methods.

ARender incorporates advanced security redaction features to address multiple challenges in internal data security of businesses. Depending on the type of document, system administrators can configure permissions at the document level (e.g. settings based on the document type), at the user level (e.g. function based settings of a person), or at the system level (e.g. the overall security of all data in the system). This meets the requirements for advanced searches and masking of personal, confidential or sensitive data. This could be particularly applicable to banks and the insurance sector for example.

So content that is easily viewed, is fast to work with, and integrates secure features that meet the latest EU regulations in cyber-security gives the user peace of mind while working on multiple documents anywhere.


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Post by François Barre
September 29, 2020