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In a complex environment where competition is very fierce and the ever-changing markets make companies adapt as quickly as possible, strategic partnership may be a wise choice to face issues and to gain new market shares. In fact, "two heads are better than one".

 In this article, you will understand how partnerships can have a positive impact on your business :

  • By knowing its own strengths and weaknesses to choose a partnership which can bring you opportunities and a common goal
  • By overseeing and choosing the type of the partnership
  • By giving an added-value on your offering to meet accurately the customer's needs
  • By developing expertises and encouraging innovation
  • By becoming stronger in your markets and having a better visibility and notoriety

In a globalisation context, you can't work alone. Each company has its own assets and its own core business. But it also has its own weaknesses. Becoming partner with another company which can gives you a real added-value and address shortcomings, is strategic as you reach the same goal.

ARender, the universal HTML document viewer, has a real partnership strategy. and enhance in 2019 Partner Program. We know our strengths and we need specific partners to help us grow and can make them grow too. Here are some reasons why adopting this strategy is a good choice.


Before getting involved in a partnership, companies need to know themselves very well.

In fact, you have to know exactly your existing situation: the way your company is organized - your whole range of offering - your market positioning: your competitors, your strengths, your weaknesses and your areas of improvement.

Once this audit is done, you can ask yourself how you can change your constraints into success. This will help you to find your partner because this later meet your own lacks. Of course, in exchange, you need to create a win-win partnership so you will be able to demonstrate that your strengths will also benefit your potential partner. Both parts would then find a common goal.

Arondor is an expert in ECM for 17 years hand has developed ARender based on its relevant experience. ARender is a real asset now to help other ECM players to improve its viewing issues.


Partnership is not based on economic terms only.

In fact, we use to think that the common goal is only financial. But it goes further. In fact, a strategic partnership can aim for:

  • Having a better control on the existing markets or territory
  • Developing new markets
  • Accessing new technologies and know-how
  • Building a new brand

Moreover, partnerships can concern:

  • A contribution in nature (specific material, human or technical means and services),
  • A technological contribution (know-how, methods, technology innovation...)
  • A contribution in consulting (strategic consulting, expert knowledges of specific markets...)

In the IT field, partnership is a widespread use as the market is changing fastly and the customers have new needs. The types of the partnership are also various.


The success of a partnership is based on the way companies meet the ever-changing needs of the customers by proposing added-value.

Customers are more and more demanding and aware. Thanks to strategic partnership, customers can benefit from the strengths and the offerings of each organization. The final offering presents more added-value and is more complete for the customers.

Besides, partnerships can also accelerate the commercialization of a new offering in other ways:

  • Deliver easily
  • Demonstrate flexibility

This added-value automatically generates new opportunities:

  • Broaden relevance, increase the addressable markets and reach new markets
  • Grow customer base

Thanks to its partnerships, ARender document viewer is now used in many countries and various sectors. It continues to spread as it constantly evolves based on the feedback it gets from its users and experience.


Partnership helps organizations to focus on their core business and develop new expertises.

According to the terms of a partnership, a company can usually and easily focus on its strengths. So it is an opportunity to develop internally new expertises and know-how and then to have a real competitive edge.

Outside this partnership context, company needs more time to get this opportunity as it has to deal with many other issues which sometimes are not in its scope. In a competitive market, partnerships can really help organizations to put the offering at its best, fostering for each part innovation.


The last but not the least, partnership between two companies gives more impact and improves visibility and notoriety.

As "two heads are better than one", a partnership helps to reduce risks and costs. The strength involved in a partnership enhances credibility of both companies whatever the size of the company is. In fact, in the newspaper, we can daily read partnerships between companies are presented as a real improvement, a real asset for the market and that the created synergy will be profitable for everyone.

Thanks to its partners, ARender gets more and more visibility and notoriety in the market. In the beginning, it was created for one customer, then for many others. Since its strategic partnership strategy few years ago, it has become an international tool in various sectors.

As explained above, strategic partnership is a real asset to have a competitive edge and to reach new markets and customers. In the IT market, it is very common to have several partnerships as this market is always changing and more and more challenging. Partnership is also a solution to adapt to the market and to strengthen its position it the business. 


Interested in a partnership ? Access to your program

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Post by Cindy Monicat
June 20, 2019