Why Fast & Secure access to content is so important in SaaS environments

Posted by Maxime Cifrian on Nov 10, 2020 3:00:00 AM

Delivering great customer experience while providing fast and secure access to content is vital for organizations today.

Performing SaaS technology that meets the latest regulations and gives great user experience is a must for companies where cloud-based technologies store a large amount of digital content in all formats.

Instant Access to Information 

Finding the right software technology that gives instant access to information which can be read at speed immediately and enables several hundred people to look at documents simultaneously across networks is not always easy. 

ARender can be partnered with well-known DMS applications like Alfresco, Documentum, IBM, Nuxeo, Sharepoint, etc, via specially designed connectors that can also be custom designed to client specifications.

These connectors bypass the problems of storage and visualisation, and thus facilitate the research of the document, its indexation, and visualisation.

For a user that needs to work on large files and documents, the less time spent locating the document, downloading it and finding specific parts of text is key to serving clients and providing high quality work.

Locating a document that is stored in the Cloud amongst millions of other documents can be tedious, and depending on the software, can prove difficult to locate.

Not only that, but storage can incur very high costs for companies, so streamlining operations with performing SaaS technology is vitally important.

ARender technology is a fabulous French innovation that has provided a real technological rupture from standard practices in managing documents.

One of the downsides of downloading documents is volume, and bandwidth connection which can be interrupted particularly if people are working remotely outside their companies, as we have seen with the current Covid 19 pandemic.

ARender addresses this problem through its straming technology which enables a document to be viewed through any search engine and from any computer.

There is no technological rupture between web applications and the ability to visualize associated documents. More than 300 types of documents formats can be displayed through ARender: pdf, office, image, video, etc.


The notion of “Rendition”

The instantaneous access to documents has meant that ARender has become a leader in its field. It only takes a few milliseconds to view a document. This is due to the specific architecture of ARender: as soon as one clicks on the document, it becomes visible immediately. This is the notion of “rendition”, a term used to transform a document into a visual format with speed that is unique on the market.

In today’s high risk environment where Cyber criminals are on the increase, software technology that protects documents from inside security leaks, either intentional or unintentional, can be a tricky business especially as there are over 600 SaaS technology providers on the market.

ARender has also been specifically designed to provide full security for companies when viewing documents. It provides high speed performance and goes much further than conventional software in the context of SaaS applications.

Security when viewing documents is becoming increasingly important, with Cybercriminals on the increase. ARender completely secures documents from being copied as the original document has not been transmitted.

In this way, the traceability of the document and the people who receive it can be controlled.

This great feature offers full security to companies which need to control the visualisation of documents, but above all, it avoids the dissemination of sensitive information. Not only does ARender provide the latest state-of-the-art rendition of documents, but it also shows which pages have been read, downloaded, printed, and sent on to another person.


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All these features are in high demand by clients who are following hot in the heels of fast digital transformation to secure better and improved access to information.



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