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ARender document viewer provides a Unique Content Viewing eXPerience in all modern platforms: BPM, ECM, CRM, ERP.

In this use case, learn how Salesforce manages the work and integrates ARender document viewer pages into its own pages.



Why a Top World Insurance Company Partnered with ARender?

The Insurance sector is now experiencing a rise in competitive pressure due to the proliferation of insurance comparators and the emergence of new competitors and their new approaches.

New markets entrants have the advantage of a new uninhibited by legacy systems culture and they innovate with customer experience as a leitmotiv.

In the mean time, insurance sector must adapt to its customers new behaviours perfectly integrated into their daily users patterns. This is illustrated by the desire to benefit from better customer experience through offers customisation, personalisation.

It is, therefore, necessary for insurers to optimize both quality of services and Customer Experience, which is becoming a real growth driver.

In this context of "digitalization", insurers must adapt their strategies in order to best meet customers expectations and modernize their legacy systems to use data in a new and innovative way. A way that delivers true value to their end-users.


How to improve the use of customer data to help an manager to add more value?

The insurance challenge is to provide value to their agents and managers to help them to be much more organized about contracts and other critical informations they need to store and work on.

The Insurance Company wanted to add more value than just a recipient for insurance documents.

The improvement of the customer experience depends on the responsiveness of the insurers when processing the claims of their policyholders.

Thus, it is now necessary for the insurance players to have data management tools that centralize information and automate contract management processes.

The implementation of Electronic Document Management solutions - that integrate with CRM - facilitates the accessibility of customer information (contracts, email, photos ...) and allows managers and agents to gain productivity.

The implementation of automated task management is accessible to all employees: the relaunch of documents, customer service, claims tracking, customer notes, etc ...



How to improve customer data exploitation to help an agent adding more value to his work?

The insurance challenge is to provide value to agents and managers helping them being more organised about contracts and other critical pieces of information they need to store and work on.

The Insurance Company wanted to add more value than just a recipient for insurance documents.

The improvement of the customer experience depends on the insurers reactivity when processing the claims of their policyholders.

As a consequence, it is now necessary for insurance players to have data management tools centralizing information and automating contract management processes.

Electronic Document Management solutions implementation - integrated with a CRM - facilitates customer information accessibility (contracts, e-mail, photos ...) and allows managers and agents to improve productivity.

The implementation of automated tasks management is accessible to all employees: documents out-bounding, customer services, claims tracking, customer notes, etc ...


Integration with to offer a unique content viewing experience in a CRM application

The insurance sector realised that acquiring new features is not the problem.

The problem is how seamlessly they would integrate these features knowing it is the integration that drives delays and costs.

ARender User Interface has been easily integrated into

  • monitors employees activity and integrating ARender into its Lighting interface grants a new perspective to document management in a CRM application.
  • Salesforce remains the first filter to user access and rights, ARender acts as a documentary complement.
  • Salesforce then calls the DMS service acting as a second filter to user access. (URL rights)
ARender integration with Salesforce




Reducing access time to documents

Insurance agents have to work on very large documents with a lot of different contents: MS Office, PDF, Tiffs, Text, Executables, Photos, Images, Audio&Video etc...

Before ARender, when an agent worked a large PDF document (+10,000 pages), the solution identified the PDF, refused to view the document and downloaded it automatically instead, even when it was not necessary.

With ARender, when an agent only needs to consult the first pages and the last pages of a document, he can do it without downloading; using our streaming-centric technology.

Beyond performance, it has improved the user experience. Facilitating end-users daily work.


Advanced features are essential to add collaboration value to end-users

Advanced features such as the Advanced Search panel, Styled preview, Widgets, Multi-document Searches, Redaction, Annotations, Document Comparison, allow Insurance agents to add more value than just a recipient for insurance documents.

In particular :

  • Retrieve information without systematically asking the customer for his ID, bank statement, driving license...
  • Retrieve documents with a very light overview that helps to quickly identify if the document is looked for.
  • Annotate documents and collaborate with the HeadQuarters.
  • Split documents to create new ones, sort them by typology (passport, driver's license, certifications, insurance), and reuse from one contract to another one as long as Data is still valid.
  • Manage End Dates allowing agents to know documents expiration dates.

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Post by Ludwig RAUCH
June 24, 2019