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Almost all companies and organisations are turning to Software as a Service (SaaS) to help digital and cloud transformation increase efficiency, agility and cut costs.

Almost all apps are now SaaS based because it offers speed to the market, performing features and lower IT operating costs.

However, it can also create IT security and app performance headaches, especially if there are different apps using different document formats.


The latest trends to help Digital and Cloud transformation

It is vitally important that companies use a single solution that groups all employees and customers’ activities and limits frequent switching between solutions.

One of the latest trends coming to the forefront is the transfer of electronic contracts to sign online, the increasing work required on complex and transverse pdf documents that need to be indexed in different repertories, and the use of video documents and related changes.

Most of this is now Cloud based as companies seek to streamline their operations.

Software architectures must be able to support several hundred visualizations per minute across networks, and finding the right software that provides easy and quick access can be complicated.

One of the leaders in the field of visualizing documents is ARender, which is designed to go much faster and further in the context of SaaS applications. Indeed, this software can support over 20 consultations per second.

In order to achieve this, ARender’s engines can adapt easily to a change in size and scalability of information to be treated, thus offering maximum scalability to keep up with the Cloud.

When large groups of employees/users need to deliver documents either internally or externally via different networks, the rendition of information must be totally accurate, quick and secure against counterfeiting.

ARender can provide users with multiple enhanced features. It is a Full Web Viewer that can display documents from any navigator and any device in a secure manner, showing the content  in less than 250 milliseconds, meaning that ARender is one of the fastest Viewers available on the market today.

Over 300 documents formats can be visualized, and individual non-disposable pdf files can be generated for re-storage in centralized document management systems.

Of course, businesses have different requirements for SaaS applications which is why latest state-of-the-art connectors built by ARender teams allow Information System to be homogeneised enhancing communications between various SaaS Solutions connected to ARender.

ARender’s connectors have been developed for the main DMS applications: Alfresco, Documentum, IBM (formerly Filenet), Nuxeo, Sharepoint. Nevertheless, we are willing to explore new markets and ARender can be connected to more than DMS or CSP Solutions. The result of this is our partnership with Salesforce CRM. We are bringing all of our Document Management experience to the worldwide CRM leader. 


Advanced features for Business Process Performance and Security

Other important features include enhanced real-time collaboration which results from efficient microservice architecture which uses Websockets to allow users to work dynamically in real-time

In addition, users can make advanced searches and mask any personal, confidential, or sensitive data if needed when an unauthorized user is viewing a document.

This could apply to a GDPR context in Europe for example. This feature is scriptable by JAVA script API to allow mass masking on sensitive data. The business advantages of this are enormous.

ARender keeps track of the fast moving progress of client requirements and latest technologies available, and is also able to meet complex needs around the annotation of audio and video files.

One such example is the insurance industry: if there is a car accident and an individual films the car, then the insurer can easily annotate sensitive moments, and forward the case to one of his co-workers for validation. This person can easily review the video with specifics marks along the video. This process makes users save huge amount of time. 

All these criteria are important because the world is moving so fast, and compliance and security needs are greater.

The quick, efficient turnaround of edited documents for clients, customers and organisations is vitally important, but the risk of security breaches still exists.

ARender is able to meet this issue as it tracks the reading of all pages of documents to ensure that the authorized user has read and browsed the relevant pages, etc.

Non-authorized users are limited as required.

The software can trace the journey page by page and generate logs of use if need be. This is the same for document download, transfer and printing.


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Post by Maxime Cifrian
November 13, 2020