Fueling High-Speed Information Flow in Oil and Gas 


SynApps Webinar

Workers in the energy industry deal with complex file formats and growing file sizes on a daily basis. Commonly part of multi-site, global enterprises, these workers need fast, remote access to large-file PDFs, and the ability to collaborate effectively on complex blueprints with limited bandwidth — all while meeting strict compliance regulations and security demands.

High-speed content viewing technology offers a flexible solution for oil and gas workers to view and access a wide variety of document types, including CAD files and associated documents such as office documents, PDFs, emails, etc., from any device — all while embedding the necessary security features to maintain ongoing regulatory compliance.

This webinar explores how a high-speed document viewer solution can empower oil and gas workers to easily view and collaborate on complex, large-scale documents to streamline on-site workflows.

In this 40-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • The impact of poor information management in the energy sector

  • The three key benefits of using a high-speed document viewing solution for remote workers

  • How to pilot high-speed document viewing without installing any software

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