The Netflix Effect: A New Approach to ECM Compliance


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Discover a new and innovative approach to managing ECM compliance

Modern organizations are subject to an increasing amount of compliance regulations and requirements. In parallel, the high volumes of information and records maintained by organizations continues to spiral out of control, and businesses continue to store content in silos across several different systems and repositories.

Herein lies the challenge: how can organizations effectively comply with increasingly complex laws and regulations and ensure proper information governance with so much content sprawled across so many different systems?

This webinar explores a new approach to effectively managing ECM compliance and security to meet the evolving needs of modern organizations and their users.

In this 40 minute webinar, you will learn:

-The key challenges associated with achieving corporate compliance and protecting sensitive customer data

-The limitations of ECM systems alone when it comes to effectively managing security controls and mitigating risk

-How Netflix has driven a new approach to document viewing can be used to help address these increasingly complex challenges

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