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A more subdued subheader

ARender: the Ubiquitous web–based document viewer

In order to make e-mail viewing more comfortable and modern, we had to re-design the way e-mail headers were presented in ARender.

This new and improved email interface offers a much better and cleaner way to view emails.

In addition to what the previous versions already shown, this new layout also integrates a summary of all attachments, for a quicker overview of e-mail contents.

Finally, this version has been strengthened, with a load of minor bugs fixed and a much better handling of Outlook’s way to include e-mails in e-emails (Forwards, …).


Header layout before and after :



E-mail viewing in ARender :



Enhancements :

  • A much modern look&feel
  • A summary of attachments
  • A cleaner view of e-mail information
  • The header page adapts itself to the content height


Online demonstration

Click here to view an e-mail in ARender.