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About Symantec AntiVirus and ARender JS files

We received recent reports that Symantec Antivirus is currently reporting some ARender Javascript files as « JS.Downloader » threat, with a Risk level of Very Low. 

The file detected is generated from our Java code by the Google Web Toolkit (we therefor have no control over the output of those files). This detection is incorrect as our files have not been altered and are virus free under other AntiVirus softwares.


If you want to compare, this is our MD5 checksum of the file (arendergwt.nocache.3.0.5.js) unaltered (and scanned under other antiviruses as safe), generated by GWT: 25afadcf00d2c206b099fec21e2e4447


Please ignore this threat until Symantec (or other potential antiviruses sharing the same threat database) remove this non legitimate threat warning.