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Sneak peek of ARender 4.0.2 : new look and feel of emails rendering

  • Maxime
  • 08 Jan, 2019

ARender 4 brings a new and breaking change compared to ARender 3.


By default, its email rendering has changed, placing both the email content (body) and header in the same location. As a warning, this will cause existing annotations placed on emails to be shifted.


We made and went with this change in order to unify the interface while separating the email itself from its attachments.

Here is the final look and feel of the new email folder interface in  ARender :



And here is the look and feel of an email message, with its body and header merged:


If you wish to keep the previous behavior, a parameter allows to restore the header and body to be placed in two separate entities. (emltopdf.use.legacy.header=true) You will then have the following legacy look and feel  :



We will continue to post articles for the upcoming ARender 4.0.2 release that describe the most major changes in this release, stay up-to-date in your readings!