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Use ARender as a transformation engine for Alfresco

  • Maxime
  • 14 Feb, 2019

Starting at ARender version 4.0.3, you will be able to use ARender as a rendition module for Alfresco.


In this github repository you’ll find the module required to build and drop into your Alfresco installation.

Once deployed, it will override by default all transformation modules that converts files types that are supported by ARender to PDF.


If you already use ARender as an Alfresco viewer, you will be able as well to configure the ARender share plugin to ask Alfresco to generate the renditions before opening the previewer : this way, documents are only converted once to PDF! (documentation available)


Profit from all the different features of ARender whether you already already use it as a document viewer or rendition module, you can always discover more !