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Accelerate your validation process with annotations

  • Sebastien Villalba
  • 04 Apr, 2019

Webinar – April 11, 2019 | 10h30 – Online

Presented by François Barre, R&D Director, Arondor and Gregory Carlin, Platform Advocate & DPO, Nuxeo


Faced with the explosion and diversity of digital content (photos, videos, etc.), having a solution to visualize, centralize and retrieve content in a simple and effective way is essential. Even more, creating relevant content quickly has become key in an increasingly competitive world. But collaborating on images and videos is often not easy, and validation processes can sometimes be long and winding.

Discover how Nuxeo associated with the ARender annotation tool allows you to:

  • View and annotate all types of files: documents, emails, photos, videos etc.
  • Compare at a glance the differences between two different versions of the same document
  • Integrate comments and annotations into your validation processes to increase your efficiency
  • Collaborate more easily around your digital resources, even on mobile devices

We invite you to register by clicking on this link to reserve your place.