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ARender 4.0.8 and Websphere 8.5.5

  • Maxime
  • 18 Feb, 2020

ARender 4, since its first release, uses Async Servlet to offload the Web Application Server HTTP thread pool for requests that typically involve transfert time to the end user. This allows for better responsiveness on HTTP requests that are fast to process, and a better management of the ones which depend more on the end user network bandwidth.

On Websphere Application Server, IBM introduced its own parameter for the support of Async Servlet implementation :

The issue we faced very soon is that this parameter is not supported well in Websphere 8.5.5 until version (the parameter exists, but the application server fail to serve the requests)

Starting from ARender 4.0.8, we will no longer provide a « fixpack » version for Websphere application server where the IBM Websphere parameter does not work.


If you see issues (such as images of document not being displayed) while deploying ARender in Websphere versions under the version (or under fixpack for Websphere 9), please upgrade your Websphere to a more recent version or take contact with the support which will give you the procedure to alter this parameter.

Please bear in mind that the default, optimal configuration and performance, will require you to upgrade your server to a supported version that does not require you to modify ARender’s packaging.