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ARender : Release 2.1.0 'Neon'

The ARender team is proud to annonce the release of ARender version 2.1.0, codename ‘Neon’.

Here is a summary of the changelog :

New connectors

In order to allow ARender’s integration to a wider range of ECM repositories, new connectors have been developped :

  • Connector for the IBM legacy ECM solution, Content Manager
  • Connector for the IBM archiving solution, Content Manager OnDemand
  • Connector for any CMIS-based solution



  • A new design for the user interface

As you may have noticed, ARender’s interface has been completely redesigned. See this post for further details.

  • A new reversible-ID API

This API allows ARender to get rid of its cache for opened documents. Reversible IDs are ARender-specific IDs for documents, as provided to the browser, which contain all information required to access the document (original ECM ID for example). This way, when the cache expires, ARender can still identify the opened document and the user can continue viewing his document seamlessly.

  • A more modular GWT code base

The more features we add, the larger the javascript code downloaded at client side. In order to keep ARender loading as fast as it used to be, the code base has been deeply optimised using asynchronous loading (see this) and features have been split into several modules. The main focus still is to reduce the time between initial application loading and viewing of the first content page. Non-mandatory features (annotations, document browsing) are loaded just after the first page, and the result is rather secuding.