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ARender: Release of version 2.3.1 'Krypton'

The ARender Team is proud to announce the release of ARender version 2.3.1, first minor release of the Krypton branch.

This release adds the following major features :

  • Save page rotation as asked by user in a specific annotation. If a user rotates a page, chances are the document has been incorrectly digitized, and the other users would do the same. Let them spare this operation by keeping the rotation information.
  • Annotations security : depending on the underlying ECM repository security, the following security rules can be set up :
    • Document-based security : A user may or may not have the ability to create new annotations
    • Annotation-based security : For each annotation, a user may have the right to modify and/or to delete this annotation. Otherwise, the annotation is read-only.
  • Annotations details are now shown when a user moves his mouse over an annotation. By default when it is read-only, but can be configurable for read-write annotations as well.

This release also fixes some issues, the most important being :

  • When a user closes ARender window (closing the browser or a tab), the unsaved annotations where lost. Now a popup asks for the user to confirm quitting without saving.
  • The annoying headers and footers added by the browsers when printing from ARender are now disabled by default (when the Browser supports it).

This feature also includes a new, experimental magnifying glass. Try it here by clicking on the medium button, and select a region of the document you wish to magnify.

The complete changelog is available here.