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ARender : Release of version 2.3.7 'Krypton'

The ARender Team is proud to announce the release of ARender version 2.3.7, seventh minor release of the 2.3 Krypton branch.


  • Support for FileNet multi-content documents: all content files associated to a single FileNet document are now displayed
  • Unified view for multi-content, mono-page documents: by configuration, documents with multiple contents can be dynamically and transparently merged as a single document when displayed to the user
  • Upgrade to latest ImageMagick version (Windows only): this upgrade fixes rendering issues with some GIF and BMP files
  • Better handling of rendition cache for processed document information: layout and textual contents used to be in-memory only, now they can be serialized to on-disk cache to reduce memory pressure on heavy-loaded environments



Various minor bugs have been fixed, the most important ones being:

  • Mails character encoding
  • Better handling of Microsoft Word backend processes
  • Rotation saving within composite documents (Zip, ..)

The complete changelog for this version is available here.


Version 2.3.6

The 2.3.6 release has been was quite a confidential one, because it mostly corrected issues for specific contexts and simplified configuration and customization.

The complete changelog for 2.3.6 is available here.