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ARender: Release of version 3.0.2 'Xenon'

The ARender Team is proud to present you ARender Version 3.0.2 !


Major features introduced

User Interface :

  • AnnotationExplorer now presents the list of annotations created on the documents in a table, along with various informations on these annotations (#3413)
  • New annotation types : Circle (#384), Highlight, Strikeout, Underline text, with an extra popup to add comments on these text selections (#3411)

Rendition :

  • Support very large PDF documents (> 10,000 pages) (#3475). This requires a maximum Java memory size (Xmx) of at least 2048 MB (wrapper.conf :
  • Optimise Microsoft Office backend document loading time (#3605)


Major API changes

  • Add XFDF support for Rotation annotations (xfdf:rotation) (#3361)


Major Issues resolved

User Interface :

  • Much better support for IBM FileNet annotations in XML “P8” format. (#3415, #3497, #3504)
  • Fix several issues with Search feature, including the ability to jump between results (#3717, #3833)
  • Much better support for graphics-based annotations (Arrow, Rectangle, Ellipse) for IE8/11 browsers (#3526)
  • Uzzy feature, using mouse wheel to jump from a document to another when viewing multiple documents / composite documents now fully functionnal

Rendition :

  • Fix issues that may arise on large text/plain documents (#3844)
  • Fix download composite documents as PDF issues with specific image formats (#3753)


Known incompatibilities & Issues

  • Highlight, Strikethrough and Underline XFDF annotations are not yet supported with the FileNet annotation format
  • Annotations editing may have issues on iPad and mobile devices.
  • XFDF Annotations will not work on composite documents (Zip, Mails).
  • Changing current document in a multi-document scenario may not properly ask to save unsaved annotations.
  • Source document DPI is not considered for XFDF saving / reading, which may be an issue for non-PDF documents with foreign annotations.
  • New jnipdfrenderer has issues with jpeg format. Switch to png for default configuration.
  • Multi-view feature may not behave correctly when annotations are on the document,
  • Using compare feature multiple times may not highlight the text properly
  • Scroll while comparing text document changes the current document. It should not.