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ARender: Release of version 3.0.5 'Xenon'

The ARender Team is proud to present the latest version of ARender Xenon : 3.0.5 !

Major bugfixes applied in the HMI:

  • Dropdown lists were not opening in recent Mozilla Firefox versions
    → Dropdown list are now forced to open when clicking on it

  • Square, Circle, Polygon, Polyline, Freehand and Post it could be created larger than page under particular conditions
    → These annotations types are now restrict to page size

  • Square, Circle, Polygon, Polyline and Freehand border width was not set according to zoom
    → Added zoom management on these annotations’ borders to set a correct border width

  • If an annotation format change was done after moving a Polygon, Polyline or Freehand annotation, the annotation came back to its initial position
    → Annotation position is now updated correctly after a move

  • Freehand annotations did not support creation on rotated page
    → Position calculation modification to permit to create freehand on a rotated page

  • Freehand annotations could not be deleted directly after creation
    → Keep the focus on the annotation to delete it

  • Stamp and ImageStamp could be created outside of page
    → Restricted according to the bounding box of the stamps

  • Stamp box was larger than text size
    → Stamp box is now resized dynamically to text size

  • Users can no longer print annotation when annotation.loadExisting is false
    annotation.loadExisting=false no longer interfere with the annotationCreationPolicy
    → If annotationCreationPolicy does not allow to create annotations, annotation.loadExisting=false does not make the annotation creation buttons appear

  • Multi-content ZIP file first page content was not always displayed
    → Fixed an issue with zip starting by empty folders

  • Download functions are now entirely covered by using REST API
    → Multiple documents and document with annotations are covered

  • Fullscreen is now working on IE 11

  • IE incoherence on page close made user think they could save annotations before closing ARender
    → Now correctly warns the user he will leave the page with unsaved annotations

  • Importing a more than one page document from annotation view import only the first thumb
    → Now all thumbs are displayed

  • When AnnotationCreationPolicy forbids annotation creation, contextual menu allowed to create annotations, it should be updated accordingly
    → When annotationCreationPolycy forbids annotation creation, contextual menu and toolbar do not display annotation creation buttons


Major bugfixes applied in the rendition:

  • Aroms2pdf (Microsoft Office for ARender) could create collision on long filenames, this is no longer possible.

  • Missing rc2 and rc5 folders during installation are now created

  • Detect and correct potential failures of rendition installer onto several linux distibutions using docker containers to test a wide range of systems


Minor bugfixes applied in the HMI

  • cache.js scripts are now cached

  • Downloads of Pdf Documents with annotations are using the default name « Document.pdf » instead of the original name of the documents
    → The original document name is used when downloading PDF with annotations


Minor  bugfixes applied in the rendition:

  • PCX images displaying was not possible

  • Modification of folder name which will contains rejected documents from “errors” to “rejected”

  • PDF downloading with annotations did not respect original annotations colors

  • On annotation navigation tab, text decoration annotation are only  mentioned by their type and not the selected text
    → Annotation type is mentioned and then the begining of the text is now indicated


New features introduced in the HMI:

  • Resizeable stamp with draggable presenter
    → Can be resized now also by picking the corners of the stamp while in edition mode. Only the corners will resize the stamp for now. → Dynamic font resize

  • Polyline end : Double click to finish the polyline or click on the first point of polyline

  • Polygon end : Double click to finish the polygon or click on the first point

  • Freehand and vertice annotations are now activated by default

  • Parameter created to configure the length in millisecond of the notification popups

  • Exposed JS method to permit annotation saving

  • Add a parameter to remove the possibility to delete loaded annotations :

  • On border color change, create a border if non exist for circle and rectangle annotations

  • Improved Annotation explorer design
    → Buttons are more visible and consistent

  • XFDF upload button now allows the upload of a PDF document containing FDF annotations. Those annotations will be ported onto the current document.
    → Possibility to import local offline modifications into the online document.

  • Mobile :
    → Increase arrow body to select it easil
    → Long touch triggers contextual menu

  • At post it creation, the default text is select to ease new content redaction


New features introduced in the rendition server:

  • Added new options for the rendition installer to include optional filenet libraries.

  • Possibility to now configure the Rest API port of the rendition server from the installer

  • Simplified rendition configuration files:
    → Added the field rendition.soffice.path into in order to configure the path to libreoffice binary files → Added the field into to configuration the types of images generated by imagemagick

  • Simplified the way mails are configured for the merged “Header and Content” setup:
    → rendition.backend.mailFactory=mailFactory is the default, pdf generating factory from mails documents. It will produce a pdf with a header and a body of the mail page, followed by the attachements.

    → rendition.backend.mailFactory=mergedMailFactory is the new, pdf generating factory from mails documents. It will produce a pdf with a header and a body of the mail merged in the first page, followed by the attachements.

  • Security improvements to the rendition server
    → Local storage is protected from read access by configuration by default. → Only the samples folder is accessible by default, and it can be changed in the arender-rendition.xml under :

<property name= »localFileBasePaths »>




  • Obfuscation (rendition side) :
    → Pages where an obfuscation has been done will now have their text removed in order to ensure a reliable obfuscation of the text at the download of the document with annotations. → This can be switched off with the parameter obfuscate.deleteText=false from the file.

  • Underline and Strikethrough annotations are now printable and downloadable

  • UrlParserExternalAccessorProxy : Possibility to customize configuration-time as a parameter in httpRequest

  • Allow to open a document containing an ARender rotation in ViewOne
    → Change Rotation Annotation name from CUSTOM to ROTATION

  • Mobile :
    → Create or drag an annotation scrolls the page view
    → Remove the scroll when create or drag an annotation


Known bugs:

  • The first selection of a stamp after a page rotation will shift its position. The next selections behave normally.

  • Obfuscation is not yet available for solutions based on filenet.