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ARender 3.1.2 release notes

The ARender team is proud to present the release notes for version 3.1.2, bringing new features to ARender.

This list of new features and corrected bugs is to describe the vast majority of the novelties that have a direct impact on the use of ARender. A detailed list containing all bugfixes and features is available at: Changelog


New features

‣ New appearance and optimisations!

ARender has now a new look and feel going in the direction of material design styling. But behind this new change of appearance we also optimized the way ARender loads all those CSS styling resources, gaining some precious time on low speed connexions. Here is an example with high bandwidth connexion, where we can already observe an improvment: See comparison screenshot


‣ New behavior

ARender allows to take measurements on the documents using the arrow annotation. If a base scale of the plan is known, and a rapid conversion between the pixel length of the base arrow and the expected measure is done, you can measure any remaining parts of the plan and save it for latter visualization!


‣ New behavior

ARender can now make textual search into annotations. In order to deactivate this feature you can use this parameter if you want to go back to the old ARender behavrior: annotation.searchTextInAnnotations=false


‣ New behavior

ARender now allows Word documents to be opened in streaming. This makes the generation of huge Word document very fast! 5000 pages document : 5s versus 25s in the old implementation. This feature is still in beta and can be available in this manner:


‣ New behavior

ARender can now integrate plugins into its main frame. This allows the integration of modules not suited to be in the main product, and lightens the overall future architecture. As an example, you can test at this URL ARender & Plume an integration of Plume, the new email plugin of ARender.


‣ New behavior

ARender can now open virtually any size of document even regarding the limitation that browsers enforce regarding the maximum size of an element. This feature will be fully complete in ARender 3.1.2 but can already allow users to overcome the hard limit using the navigation button of the top panel.


Bug fixes

‣ Major bugfix

When a download of all documents was processed in ARender, if a document has a conversion exception, the download all feature would fail. Now with the property ignoreDocumentAccessorsWithExceptions from the arender.xml file, ARender will ignore those errors and generate a best-effort download all of documents.


‣ Minor bugfix

Textual annotations that could be folded or opened were not saved in regard of this configuration. It is now the default behavior and folded annotations will stay folded.


‣ Minor bugfix

Download of a document with its annotations was causing the annotations to take the inner opacity as border opacity, generating invisible annotations in certain scenarios where it shouldn’t have been the case.