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ARender 3.1.5 release notes

The ARender team is proud to present the release notes for version 3.1.5, bringing many bug fixing for ARender.

This list of new features and corrected bugs is to describe the vast majority of the novelties that have a direct impact on the use of ARender. A detailed list containing all bugfixes and features is available at: Changelog


New features

‣ New behavior / Bug fix

ARender installer for the rendition has been optimized and updated, and now tries to help you configure ARender at install time.

As an example, we try to detect your default Java install path, as well as placing an IP that let’s you expose ARender and test it directly out of the box both locally and remotely.

New installer screenshot


‣ New behavior / Bug fix

We just redesigned the annotation explorer ! Same features (sorting & filtering by column, click to jump to an annotation), with a new design that also helped to fix some old issues underlying in the annotation explorer. This explorer is also performance friendly and its refresh will not hinder you browser reactivity.

A new table is displayed per document, which allow better visibility. As well, now that the explorer has been redesigned, we have activated by default the parameter allowing to maximize it at startup. To desactivate this great feature, the parameter is the following: annotationExplorer.adaptativeWidth.enabled=false

Here you can see an example of the new annotation explorer:

New annotation explorer screenshot


‣ New behavior / Bug fix

We improved the support of inter-PDF links (bookmarks, hyperlinks, etc…) which allows ARender to jump directly at the good position described by the hyperlinks, and not only to the corresponding page.

This improvement also allowed us to work on the bookmark explorer of ARender, and make it more intuitive. Here is its new appearance:

New bookmark explorer screenshot

We hope that you will appreciate the easier way to interact with bookmarks now (larger buttons, accessible navigation bars, and many more!)


Bug fixes

‣ Major bugfix

Because of our annotations optimizations during version 3.1.4, the button hiding/showing annotations on the document wasn’t having its intended behavior. When scrolling the document, annotations would reappear. This is fixed in 3.1.5.

Do not worry though, if a user was set to not receive and view annotations, they were still not fetched or displayed.


‣ Major bugfix

We fixed a design flaw that could lead the front end servers to get stuck on RMI socket connections to the rendition. This is was fixed in 3.1.4 using a timer for RMI, and we improved the design in this version. We still recommand to use the default REST API by now, as it will be the only avaiable for version 3.2.0.


‣ Minor bugfix

We recentered the document views in compare mode. This also allowed us to consolidate the compare mode and fix annotations creating/editing in this mode.


‣ Minor bugfix

It is now possible to generate header in mail displayed in ARender in both English and French. It is still not dynamic at the moment, as it will only be available in the 3.2.x versions and up.


‣ Minor bugfix

If you just created an annotation on an hyperlink and cannot remove it, do not worry, just press the control key and get the control back on your annotation.


‣ Minor bugfix

Global enhancement of the sticky notes annotations in auto save mode.