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ARender 4.0.0 release

ARender 4.0.0, the new major release is available.

This version brings major changes for ARender. We’ve already talked about a subset of its features in the article about the ARender User Group 2018 (in french only, for now).

  • REST API _only (no more RMI) _between components
  • Micro architectural services
    • Components isolation
    • Automated stability tests during the application runtime
  • Optimizing the display of documents / resources

We have prepared, as is now the case, a presentation of the features brought by ARender version 4.0.0, which shows the major visual changes, as well as the architectural choices done on the rendering side.

Please check the documentation about how to install ARender 4 and its new requirements.

A detailed list of changes (release note) is also available at this address.


We invite you to test this version out and contact us if you do not know yet the download links or do not own yet ARender.