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ARender 4.0.8 release note

The ARender team presents the release notes for version 4.0.8.

This list of new features and corrected anomalies aims to describe the major part of the new features having a direct impact on the use of ARender. A detailed list is available (in English) at this address: Changelog


New features:

‣ Comparison and « multi view » mode: better adjustment of the size ratio of open document

Documents opened in multiple views in ARender (in order to consult several documents at the same time) will now share the space fairly and if the ARender window is made to be enlarged / reduced, this ratio will be maintained between documents.

You will be able to keep a 50/50 ratio between the two documents throughout your document viewing if you wished to.


‣ Visual changes to the textual note and the annotation panel

We have made a first set of graphic changes to the text annotation in order to let the text information have more room, which in previous versions was too condensed.


‣ Javascript API: new method

The getSubmittedSourceDocumentCount() method is now available and allows you to count how many source documents have been used for a document building / cutting operation.

This function is added to getSubmittedDocumentCount() which counted the number of documents resulting from the operation.


‣ FileNet connector: FreeText support

The FreeText annotation is now available and supported under FileNet.


‣ FileNet connector: improved support between ViewOne and ARender annotations

In 4.0.8, we have generally improved the read / write support for annotations in FileNet format so that ViewOne can better read the annotations made by ARender and ARender the ones from ViewOne.



‣ Zip archive and memory optimization

Zip archives were historically decompressed to temporary memory files. This has been changed to support larger zip archives, using the temporary rendition folder as storage while extracting the zip.


‣ Reduction in the number of calls to connector’s getInputStream method

As ARender has several modes of file transfers to the rendition, several calls to getInputStream of the connector could be made per document transfer.

In some connectors, this call can take time and add latency to overall transfer time.

We have therefore reduced the number of calls required to a strict minimum.


‣ Termination of micro services in 4.0.7

In 4.0.7, a regression introduced blocks the good termination of micro services (does not cause a platform stop, but occupies memory regardless).

Version 4.0.8 addresses this concern, and the micro services stop correctly when a request is made from the monitoring service.



As a final word for ARender 4.0.8, it is important to take note that ARender 4.0.9 is right around the corner, as those release notes got delayed and we are sorry for it.

We took a particular care on making ARender 4.0.9 a stable version as we reach the end of version 4.0 release branch, focusing heavily on correcting issues.

So if you are checking and are interested in version 4.0.8 today, please do check the soon to be released version 4.0.9 instead.