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Delayed release 4.0.8

We have the regret to warn you that the version 4.0.8 will not be available to you on the 19 February as planned. We expect the version to be delayed by a week : new release date planned for the 25 February


Though the version is finished and we have already started working on version 4.0.9, the delays we faced during construction of this version caused us to delay the QA phase for the release. And we opted to delay the official release rather than reducing the QA team testing.


For our partners, if you want to integrate as soon as possible the version 4.0.8 to be ready for the official release, a 4.0.8-RC5 version is available (for integration only).

For our clients awaiting the official version 4.0.8, we are sorry for the delay and will keep you up to date as soon as the release is officially out.