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ARender 4.2.0 release note

The ARender team presents the release notes of version 4.2.0, containing mostly new features for ICN users, PDF/A, and annotations.


New features:

‣ FileNet Connector and ICN

  • Document builder Document builder has been adapted to better suit ICN user experience. You can select several documents to start document builder with, then a screen allows you to sort them and decide the order they will appear in ARender. In the document builder, you can now save a document directly in the contextual menu on thumbnails, so as not to need to scroll up the built document to reach the save button. This is particularly useful when users deal with big documents.

  • Merge documents You can merge documents, and the new document will automatically inherit metadata for the original documents.

  • Watermarks You can now configure WaterMarks to be added according to document classes in FileNet.

  • Protecting documents By changing configuration, you can block document builder:

  • On a complete FileNet ObjectStore: add the ObjectStore in the ARender configuration parameter “arender.server.filenet.objectStoreNames.unauthorized.documentbuilder=”
  • On an ICN Desktop: add the Desktop in the ICN configuration parameter “arenderUnauthorizedDesktops”
  • On archive or check out documents: This option is always enabled.
  • PDF/A Users can now create a PDF/A file directly as a new version of the existing document.


‣ PDF/A file conversion

A new module was added in the rendition, in the purpose of generating PDF/A files. Accordingly, a new endpoint was also created in the rendition API to ask for PDF/A file generation.


‣ Annotations

When users collapse an annotation, it is now reduced as a single line, so as to enhance the comfort when reading long lists of annotations in the annotations panel.

The “Answer” button does not display now on empty notes. Having this button while no text was yet entered in a note could be very confusing for users, frequently not understanding how they could answer a note they just created, without even having typed any text in it yet.



‣ Generic Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix when, after hiding annotations, arrow measures could stay visible while the arrow itself was invisible as expected, leading to a confusing situation for users.
  • Bug fix when an error of conversion to pdf could cause a crash of the conversion module.
  • Bug fix when status of a sticky note was partially written out of the note and overlapping the page behind.


‣ Known Issues

On FileNet, when trying to gather watermarks, ARender can encounter a security error because it was not previously authenticated. This happens when the servlet asynchronous mode is on. The first call allowing authentication can be late compared to the call for gathering watermarks. To solve this issue, it is important to disable the asynchronous mode for servlets. The default configuration has been updated to disable asynchronous mode for servlets.