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ARender 4.4.0 release note

The ARender team presents ARender 4.4.0. This version mostly concerns expected bug fix for customers and partners, and better management of annotations when downloaded in a PDF or PDF/A format.


New features:

‣ Alfresco

  • New button to update all opened documents at the same time.

  • Document metadata can now be accessed directly from ARender.


‣ FileNet Connector

  • Underline and Strikethrough can now be used in textual annotations.


‣ Generic Features

  • The ARender label under the animated gif during loading can now be removed or replaced by any value you see fit. Edit the file and change the value of property startup.loading.label= or leave it blank if you want the animated image to be displayed alone.

  • Logs have been reviewed to add the documentID when it is possible.

  • Improvement of annotations in downloaded layered PDF files.

  • Added an endpoint to open an HMI session with a token which is sent for validation to an authentication server.

  • Configuration can now specify if PDF files are downloaded with or without bookmarks.

  • Dependecies are now managed in a Maven BOM file.


Bug Fixes:

‣ Alfresco

  • Bug fix on versions 4.3.x leading to the impossibility to give several profiles to a same user on different nodes.


‣ Connecteur FileNet

  • Bug fix on versions 4.3.x when underlined or strikethrough text cannot be modified.


‣ Generic Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix on versions 4.2.x+, when the reply button appeared on freetext annotations, but it was impossible to really reply, due to freetext annotations structure.

  • Bug fix when it was impossible to create bookmarks on specific documents.

  • Bug fix when deadlocks on DocumentFileStorage microservice could happen if multiple brokers were to call the same DFS. This situation leads to bad performance or even rendition freeze.

  • Bug fix when it was impossible to overwrite properties through URL if theses properties are in a custom properties file and not in the standard one.

  • Bug fix when temporary files are still considered alive after their eviction, leading to users loosing the thumbnails in ARender.

  • Bug fix when, on Mozilla FireFox, editing the text of an annotation in the annotation panel could lead to this text loosing its format after downloading the document with annotations.

  • Bug fix when edited a rich text in a freetext annotation in the annotation pannel could lead to loosing this text.

  • Bug fix when specific PDF files could not be converted into PDF/A files.

  • Bug fix when displaying jpeg files could take a very long time.

  • Bug fix when editing a text in the annotation pannel could lead to this text being converted in html format, consequently, when downloading the file with annotations, annotations could display html tags as plain text information.

  • Bug fix when copy/paste could remove blankspaces in the copied text.

  • Bug fix when text files with special characters couldn’t be displayed.

  • Bug fix when using the stamp annotation while zooming in or out lead to the stamp being oversized or very small compared to the page of the documennt.

  • Bug fix when rotated pages in a PDF/A document wouldn’t be considered but for the first pages.

  • Bug fix when html hyperlinks would be impossible to click if they are located just before a page break or in a rotated page.


‣ Known issues

No new issue has been revealed by our QA tests compared to previous versions.