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ARender 4.4.1 release note

The ARender team presents version 4.4.1 of ARender, containing bug fix for different customers and partners.



‣ Alfresco

  • Buf fix when trying to print all opened documents lead to an error.


‣ FileNet Connector

  • Bug fix when adding metadata through advancedFileNetPropertiesMerger with the javascript API resulted in the request not being processed by the API.

  • Added a lock on document builder for all checkout or archived documents to adhere to the stable state of these document.


‣ Generic Fixes

  • Bug fix when adding an annotation on a rotated page could lead to the document being broken.

  • Bug fix when for specific emails, the email address of the sender was not displayed after the names of this sender.


‣ Known issues

No new issue has been revealed by our QA tests compared to previous versions.