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ARender 4.6.0 Release Notes

The ARender team presents version 4.6.0 mostly about bug fixes and a few expected features.



‣ Alfresco

  • Bug fix when updating a document could fail on a multi-rendition architecture


‣ Filenet

  • Bug fix when an archived document could be updated

  • Bug fix when saving a document as a new PDF/A version could lead to an unexpected error

  • Bug fix when a stamp annotation would get back to full opacity on downloaded documents


‣ Generic Fixes

  • Bug fix when enabling watermarks could prevent opening zip files

  • Bug fix when creating a PDF/A file from an existing document inside the document builder could fail

  • Bug fix when .afp files could not be opened anymore

  • Bug fix when .dwg files could not be opened anymore

  • Bug fix when annotations would still be gathered and displayed even though the documentRenditionsActive property is disabled

  • Bug fix when emails could take a long time to be displayed and their header would be missing

  • Bug fix when downloading many documents in a zip file could fail

  • Bug fix when opening specific documents could lead to unexpected errors

  • Bug fix when thumbnails on videos could be missing if the rendition folder path contained whitespace characters

  • Bug fix when signature explorer wouldn’t appear for a signed document even though the property is activated in the TextHandler micro-service

  • Bug fix when html plugin icons were missing in their light grey version

  • Bug fix when editing a commentary on an annotation required double-clicking instead of single-clicking

  • Bug fix when hovering over an annotation could have the focus on the reply section being lost

  • Bug Fix when, on the annotation details popup, unknown annotation status could be wrongly replaced by the status of a sticky note from the same document

  • Bug fix when custom stamp selection could be disabled for no reason


New features:

‣ Alfresco

  • Added an option to calculate the security of annotations from the roles of user/group in Alfresco


‣ Generic Features

  • Added the support of Arabic language in the search tools

  • Added validation of e-signatures and verification of document integrity

  • Added the possibility to have logs from each microservice in a json format


Known Issues:

Our qualification tests did not reveal any new issues compared to previous versions. Note that the search in arabic language could sometimes fail. We are currently investigating this issue.